Thursday, December 31, 2009

mwi Is Going To 11 in '10

As I sit here, feet propped up, drinking a vanilla soy milk. I have alot to look back on. Really though it's what's coming in 2010 that is the cat's meow for me.

My season was pretty much lived through my mwi teammates that tore a spot in the races they participated in throughout the country in 09. The mwi traveling circus garnered coverage of some sort at the many races they attended. Absolutely amazing considering we are the most unPRO PRO Team. Unsponsored by corporate/IBD shop, coffee shop, barber shop, tattoo shop, beer, energy drink, lawyer, doctor(joke) anywhere. I'm still amazed to this day how we(mwi crew) show up, in, around some sort of big media action shot, video, mention. Unf'nreal!

So what's on the slate for '10? Way more than anyone would expect for a bunch of good friends who race pretty damn serious.

Me(crusty) is up to new old stuff for '10. Im going for the fence this year, not that I'm making a resolution or anything(been told those are for suckers) but I'm making it clear that I'm taking a new focus on racing, one which I had back in maybe 95 or 96.

Right now several of us are planning Band Camp 10. After that I want to tackle one demon that slayed me a few years back. Then make a good charge at my favorite road race. I will be paying a visit to some of these also, all in the name of sharpening my game for CX.

Before I get my CX game on I've got my mind set on getting one of these in the KC area...
That's right, a Gentlemen's Race. I have a wicked course lined out. Thrown out the idea to a couple of people who could help this monster take off. Then...CX I'm hoping to stay healthy for the season because I want to be part of the mwi traveling circus!

That is if they can handle that much crusty!
Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's coming...

The 2010 mwi kit is in the works. "Race car fast" is the word on the streets...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A is for Awesome...

I am usually quite ready to hang up the tubulars, take a breather, and start some base miles in January. This year not so much. I feel like I still have unfinished business, having never really reached what I thought was possible for me this year. I suppose that is what "next year" is for and why we all keep coming back for more.

On racing front of the season I am going to give myself a solid C for Consistently mediocre. I never found my top end speed, I knew it was there I just couldn't seem to access it this year. There are reasons for the mediocrity and I am coming to terms with them and will implement some changes for next year.

This year ended up being more about the experience and less about the results for me and for that I am grateful and give the season an A+ for AWESOMENESS. Each week brought new adventures and friendly faces. I raced in in 5 states on some rad courses and met a ton of fantastic people. It seemed that each week of travel to far away races brought more and more people into the extended cross family. We took the extended family and crashed a post race party in Ohio. Crashed a hotel pool in Iowa. Got crazy on donuts, coffee, and beer in PDX. I am stoked to have gotten to make so many new friendships over the course of the season - I finally got to not only meet but become great friends with my personal working man's hero and his super wife, I was fortunate enough to work the pit for and with some of the best in the business and glean some great insight and tips form them, and share some time with some other rad superhero's of cross. Did I mention the awesome courses, aside from the amazing people on the "Midwest UCI Cross Race Travelling Circus of Good Times and Racing" the courses were a big part of the awesome.

I LOVE MY TEAM! They are a great group that have a passion for cyclocross and I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring for the team. my wife inc has taken off and provided hours of entertainment, competition, training, and new friendships. Next year will bring a new kit design (is that really a surprise) and I am sure we will continue our quest for becoming the most PRO non-PRO team...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Team Profile...

Thanks Renee for putting our team profile up on madcross. If you haven't checked out, you should. It's a great source for upper midwest cross racing info, photos, and updates. New this year is the local cross team profile. My Wife Inc is proud to be amoung the first teams profiles for this new feature.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Got Skillz!

Little air time show casing 'Mad Skillz'

Sweet nose wheelie!

Unfortunately the X-up wasn't taken. 2 out of 3 aren't bad though!

Photo quickie...

Mo's Cross Face.

Making sure Aaron knows where to go. On his way to a stellar 2nd place. Next time he will stay upright and take the W.

Chad chasing for the money.

And apparently my sock choice caused a minor buzz in the pink circus compound.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


"Hey let's sit on this guys wheel for the next 4 laps"
"Ok, then we can out sprint him at the line."
"Sounds good to me!"

Roscoe raced his second 1/2 race today. He pushed the pace in the chase group, but 5th was just out of reach and had a teammate sucking wheels in the photo above. I think Ross did the right thing in trying to bridge up to 5th. They got within 8 seconds, with Ross doing the bulk of the work. Better to try and come up a few seconds short than sit in and wonder "What If?" You killed it out there today, nice job!

For the non-Twitter folks here is my haiku Tweet re-cap.

Holeshot is all mine.
Loosing air fast makes slow turns.
Anger fuels fast legs.

Yep another holehsot squandered. This time by an untimely slow leak¿ Kept the lead into the techy twisty stuff and slowed the pace to a crawl to keep the wolves at bay before the pit as to not lose too many places switching bikes. It worked like a charm and came into the pits still in the top places. Unfortunately using the pit bike had not been on the agenda for today and as I had left the training wheels on with really slow clincher tires. I faded fast. Roscoe lent me a front wheel and I set off on a terror of passing people (this seems to be an unsettling trend of mine this season) All my good legs are used on bad days. But man was it FUN! I busted my ass catching and passing as many groups as I could. I pushed myself to a starry eyed frenzy for the next 6 laps. It was nice to hear a few folks ask what happened because they said it was clear I was riding much faster than where my placing was today. I can feel the form coming, now if I can just get the luck to go with it. Maybe I need to find my Power Animal...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Big of a Screwdriver Do You Need?

I'm seriously hoping that the pain in my knee will disapparate when the screws come out Nov. 12. Roscoe, I hope you're reading the film!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


A lot of racing the past couple of weeks.

We took the mwi love down to the USGP in KY, it was Awesome. Green Monsters, face plants, pit problems, first races, new friends, old friends....

I had to overcome some first lap issues both days, but raced my ass off passing as many people as I could. So despite my poor results I am happy with the form that is coming.

Yesterday brought a 4 week home stretch for racing and the Halloween race. I have a serious love hate relationship with this race. I really like the course and it should in theory suit me, but I have never had a good race there. So this year I decided to change my approach and embrace the day.
I give you Mr. Smartie Pants

Yes my "costume" was a bit lame, but I did make an attempt to get in the spirit and dispel the demons I have with this race. I managed to take the hole shot and keep it most of the first lap. I boycotted the bunny hop barrier again as I think it is STUPID. (Yes I can bunny hop, but that is not the point). I fell off the pace the second lap, which if fairly standard for me. Then came roaring back! I caught the chase group and promptly attacked. This split the group into Chad (fellow mwi crew member), another guy and myself. Nice work if I do say so myself. Chad caught me sleeping a bit on the last lap and came around unexpectedly, I managed to shut the door on our companion on the narrow section after the run-up, but left a little too much room to close down to Chad on the last 1/2 of the course. It was another day of racing well and I can see the form that I want for the end of November coming!

It was AWESOME to see Mr. Popper and Mrs. Popper come up from the Windy city to race and bring Tall Mike with them.

It was also nice to see Dry Hump Saturday make the trip with them...

6 dozen cupcakes.

Cupcake hand-ups are awesome if you aren't the one taking it> they come right back out.

Roscoe went on up to play with the bike boys in the 1/2 race. He beat 6 guys and didn't get lapped by Tristain Shouten who podiumed in the Toronto UCI a couple of weeks ago. Way to go Roscoe!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wisco Weekend Update

Saturday- Cat 3 Report
Milwaukee MWI crew made the longer than remembered trek to Verona for the Badger Prairie race that turned out to be a leg and lung buster with a course that included nearly all climbing and descending.  That being said, it was a course that favors my lack of bike handling skills.  As the race carries on, I find myself in 1st, starting to get a nice little gap on 2nd.  Then, on the second to last lap, a 180 degree down hill turn from grass to pavement decided to release the bond of tire, glue and carbon rim on the front. I decide to continue with this set up until I can get to the pits.  I switched bikes and kept going, but the chase was on and I was caught on the last lap. With a 1/4 lap to go, another rider was in front of me through some tight turns when he bobbled slightly, I went around and hammered it for the last climb and through the finish for the win. Chucker in 5th, Mike in 12th and Chili in 21st. Dr. Crash took 8th in the cat 4's.

Sunday- Cat 3 Report
The Cam Rock course is way more fun than the prior day, with much of the course moving through the woods around the park.  MWI lines up 3 in the front row.  I get the holeshot and take it into the barriers where Mike passes me easily, again my lack of handling skills shows here.  Mike and I are running 1 and 2 for most of the first lap.  A couple riders pass through some of the wooded section and during a tight, loose left hander, one of them goes down as I role onto his frame avoiding some nice carbon wheels.  As I'm getting going again, I get run into on the right side as the rest of the pack goes by on the left, knocking my feet out of the pedals again.  Damn, here we go, chase chase chase.  Now my inexperience shows, I chase back up to a group of 3 including Cale from Pegasus, and decide to sit in to recover a little.  What I failed to realize was this was the 2nd, 3rd, 4th place group and the leader was only 10 seconds in front. I thought we were probably running 5, 6, 7 or something like that, so I figured no need to chase down for 4th.  Woops.  As the race goes on I tell Cale I'm going and to stay on my wheel.  He does through the last lap as I get a small gap through the finish line.  I should have chased down the leader, but I didn't know where I was running.  Still learning in this 2nd year of racing. It will not happen again!  I finish 2nd, Chucker in 7th, Mike in 12th (eventhough the standings say 13th, screwed them up again) and Chili 22nd.  Dr. Crash had to work.

Next up, Louisville USGP

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Update (no Seth Myers)

Fun weekend of racing starting with Capital Cup in Topeka, KS. Got the word on the way up that Crappy (er, I mean Crusty) wasn't making an appearance. First double up of the year as I jumped in the masters 40+ and the 3s later on. Masters race was going well until a remount error on my part burped my tubeless, rode it for 1 lap until I had to pit and quickly went from 6th to 11th. Good time none the less. Got a couple hours break between and after a horrific start in the 3s clawed my back to finish 7th. Great course and loads of fun (even if it included the 'Mound of Mercy' every lap - brutal!).

Next day was the Blvd Cup in KCK, which had a great turnout and a super course. I skipped the masters and raced the 3s. As I was kitting up I saw a mirage and had to shake myself... it was Crusty in a kit, he actually does ride bikes!!!! I was just getting ready to talk racing when he let me know he was only there for 'warm up laps' and no racing would take place. Bummer, he looked so cute in that Sunday subdue. After another bad start (notice a trend here) I did my best to race and mostly have fun and ended up 9th. Superfan skipped the day-glow jumpsuit and opted for jeans and left THE cowbell crown jewel at home so turned out he played the part of 'just a fan'.

Solid weekend of events and so much fun. Next weekend is the Smithville 'Cross Fest and I'm looking to double up again. You guys have fun at the USGP!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleep Number Sucks...

The Cincinnati UCI 3 Race weekend was AWESOME! The Sleep Number Bed at the Raddison sucks cramhole! 3 Days of sweet racing, awesome times, new friends, and super pits. Here is the bullet point A.D.D. report.

  • Sleep Number beds suck, sleeping on an air buble is not fun. Unless you are f*cking with the control, I mean "finding" your sleep number at midnight.
  • Holy mudfest batman. I ran more in Friday's race than any other cross race I have ever done.
  • Roscoe is just as fast sliding across the finish line as he is staying upright
  • We got to pit for Molly and Parbo and hang out with the Super Poppers all weekend and it was AWESOME. It is fun to work the pit when stuff is actually going on. During Friday's mudfest Molly was pitting every half-lap and Parbo bent his rear derailleur hanger and pulled his front brake cable out. Saturday and Sunday were uneventful but still fun in the pits. Lots of fun and jokes to be had
  • I love sand pits and technical shit! Makes me feel l faster than I actually am right now.
  • I also love hearing peoples reaction to our kit. Both good and bad. I am almost as stoked when someone doesn't get it as I am when they do.
  • We ran out of I Heart/Jackalope CX t-shirts this weekend and need to have more printed up
  • Got some Super Sweet ultra Euro Pro tips from Molly and Parbo that I am not sharing =)
  • Racing was fun I finished solid low 20's everyday. Roscoe was as high as 6th and down in the high teens the other days. Chili, well they screwed Chili in Ohio. He was int he top ten everyday for sure but no one really knows where he finished
  • We totally crashed a burritto and beer party Friday after the race. The Half Acre and my wife inc crews were plotting the Half Wife Cramhole Classic or next year - could be interesting.
  • There may be pictures of my muddy ass crack, but you will never see them.
  • There also may be a new competition for the title of Dr. Crash, but I wouldn't know anything about that either (It wasn't me)
  • Breakfast at Big Boy sucks.
  • Please someone tell me why it is so hard to keep the races scored properly? I would gladly pay $5 extra to race with a timing chip if it meant I could find out where I placed before I left at the end of the day!
Pictures from the weekend are up on the team site. I am going to bed in my ass grooved non-air bubble bed again tonight and I will love it!

Crusty Is... well, Crusty

Sunday's chilly temps had us at St. Mary's in Leavenworth for Chris Cross (round #2 of the De Stadt series). Great course (pretty bumpy though) and venue, but the highlight was definitely the Neon Noise Machine on every lap. Crusty was cranking the SuperFan mode (only one of all spectators) with his beer hand ups (compliments from ScottyD) and anti-freeze. I overheard someone asking if his 'day-glow' jumpsuit came with it's own battery pack. Awesome!

I had a sluggish start, worked the course with a couple others, had a minor sprint finish (personal victory), ended up 7th, and had a great time.

Who knows, maybe next time Crusty will blow his nose and actually toe the line. Next weekend is Capital Cross (Topeka, KS) on Saturday and Blvd Cup (Bonner Springs, KS) on Sunday. Crusty - have my bed ready.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grass Crit.....

Lapham Peak State Park.  Not the best cross course in the land, especially after USGP last weekend.  But, it turned out well for the team.  MWI fully represented in the Cat 3 race today.  Heeman, Chucker, Chili and myself all lined up for some fun.  Heeman took the hole shot, as usual, with me in third wheel.  Through the next 1/4 lap I passed the guy in second and was behind Heeman in second wheel through the chicanes.  Heeman got a gap through that section so I yelled to him to "go" and I would slow down to block.  He went for it, but another rider behind was having none of it and chased him down.  I covered the move as we went past Heeman.  From there it was a two man race for myself and the other rider, as Heeman blocked for me through the chicanes again.  We went into the last barrier section side by side as the other rider stumbled, I took advantage and soloed in for the win.  MWI rocked it today, Roscoe 1st, Chucker 3rd, Heeman 8th and Chili (with double flats) mid 20's.  Great day on a not so cross, cross course.  Cinci next week for 3 days of fun!  Thanks all for a good race!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, after a great weekend of racing my first cat 2/3 race, where on Saturday after "testicle surfing" the start as Crusty put it and fighting my way back to 20th. Followed by Sunday, where I had a good start and finished 5th.  To the fact that we hung with some pros for most of the weekend and had a great time with the MWI crew.  It all came crashing down, literally.

My personal title sponsor and I were out for a nice fall evening ride, when about a mile from home, the craptastic Oak Leaf Trail Road took us out.  Mo, being the animal that she is, was sprinting past me on a short up hill after a fast down hill.  And then, down goes Mo, taking me out as well.  We think her front wheel got caught in a rut in the fine roads of Milwaukee!  Mo's helmet is smashed in the back, bikes slightly mangled and with less skin than I started the day with, we are all just fine.  Minus Mo's concussion and our aches and pains.  

Won't stop me from racing, or training for that matter, as I was back on the horse tonight when I got home from work.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Working Out the Bugs

Race #2 in the books and things went much better than the opener. Raced the 3s at the Diamond Blackfan event in Lenexa, KS on a great 1.99mile loop with a good mix of a little of everything. Worked into 2nd place about a 1/3 of the way into the race and felt I still had plenty of horsepower to go when I dropped a chain and it wedged between my 42 ring and the 50t (which I was using as a chain guard until I had a chance to pick up a Paul's keeper). Got it back going and worked into 3rd on final lap when it happened again. Frustrated but feeling like I was actually a competitor again I finished 7th. Looking forward to the keeper arriving this week and racing this weekend at the Boss Cross #2 (that's right Crusty, my son's XC meet will keep me from BC #1 and thus you avoiding reality for one more day).

Loving, I mean LOVING the Blue. Holy crap that thing is quick and responsive!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

In All Seriousness,

Gentlemen and Sponsors, that was a big weekend for me, bike-wise. Makes me feel all normal again. I'm still slow and wobbly, but it was incredible to be back on a bike at a cross race.

And the My Wife Inc. crew was a huge part of it, cheering me on, supporting me, congratulating me for not getting lapped (until today!) and not finishing last (both days!).

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's an honor.

Not Exactly the Kind of Publicity We Want

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New Rig!

Can't stop drooling!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's Put That Behind Us

Raced last night (under the lights) and let's just stick with the title (LPTBU). Felt like I was ready but could not hold wheels in the flat asphalt sections as hardly any big power came from the noodles (legs). 16th at the end and probably my worst 'cross race I have ever done. Crusty missed his shot at taking a W on me as I guarantee I will not race that bad for years to come (let's hope).

All that being said it was awesome just being back in the racing/atmosphere and I was soaking it in all night. Glad to hear everyone is out there rolling the 'lope.

The kits look sweet and my CX Christmas comes Tuesday (complete bike showing up). Giddy'up!!!!

First Race!

I don't think I've ever been so nervous before a race. I seriously wondered if I was going to be able to finish.

Not only did I finish, I managed probably a top 30, maybe even 25 - the results were seriously FUBAR'd - and no one from the 40s lapped me!

I had little speed, little acceleration, and I felt pretty wobbly going over the barriers. My legs were tired, but not my lungs.

But damn, it's good to be back racing. It was good to travel in the BAV with Chad, He-Man, and the Sponsor with Cupcakes.

Now that one race is in the books, I'm ready to actually try to race. Well, there's two races next weekend, and given how I feel right now, maybe I should just go within my limit a few more times!

It's raining! I hope it rains all week.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday Suits

I just got my new black uniforms and they turned out FREAKING AWESOME!!! Only issue is I tried them on to find my medium ls skinsuit is a tad short on me. I am hoping someone got a size large and it is a little loose on them and would like to trade/sell. I am up for either a black suit or a wacky neon one (but prefer the black). Give me a shout at


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am all Green...

Oh it was so worth the wait to build this up! Crusty was killing me with his feedback on this bike. On tap tomorrow - some singletrack brake in time! More photos and report to follow.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

That, Good Sirs and Ladies, was Awesome

First, Crusty and the boys, I'm not sure if you've seen Myerson's blog, but you need to see this. It's all about HTFU!

Second, I may be pushing a little hard for the recovery, but damn that was a good ride. First two hour plus ride since the crash in March. Did three threshold intervals that felt good, and I actually felt strong, able to push some kind of gear. Still not much speed, but the power is coming back.

Plus, it is sunny and warm today, which means - at least I hope it means - that it's going to rain and snow and sleet and all sorts of nasty weather by next weekend for the first cross race of the year in Jackson Park.

Maybe I'll do two races next Sunday; maybe I'll try the hole shot in the 3s, fall over at an appointed time, and let my boys ride away free.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coming Soon....

To a tshirt or hoodie near you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a Beauty, Eh?

Since Crusty has just posted pictures of the Norcross, I get to share the first impressions actually racing it.

Well, racing it is a bit of an overstatement from the wobbly old man, but damn. Seriously. Damn.

I read my training program correctly this week and showed up at the miss and out at Estabrook along with Mike. Roscoe is apparently studying for his boards or some such fool thing. Not sure that matters more than a cross race, even a practice one.

The Norcross is a thing of beauty. It's light, nimble, handles superbly, even by me! It's stiff as hell so when I curled into a corner, the bike was incredibly stable. I can't do much standing up and thrashing the gears, but it was very responsive when I did. It's light for the shouldering, although Crusty was right in that our long arms have a bit of a challenge getting through the triangle. Not a big deal at all, though.

As for the wobbly-legged, one-shouldered old man, though, the race went decently. I started very tentatively, powering as best I could along the flats and railing the corners more and more as the race went on.

I wasn't the first pulled, as I expected. I wasn't lapped. And I crashed once, trying to run over a barrier up the short steep little hill as I shouldered the bike. The left leg just wasn't strong enough to jump up by itself! Boom! Got the first boo-boo of the season on my leg. Shoulder hurt a bit from falling, but I got up and was pissed. So I rode harder, passed the guy in front, and rode harder through the corners.

All in all a successful evening. The bike is awesome, incredible. The legs and body are okay, the mind a little weak! (No comments necessary, gentlemen!) Next week, I'll push the start and the aggression a bit more to see what I can do.

I'm grateful Jackson Park is a relatively flat grass crit. Hill run-ups are going to be a challenge for a bit. I just hope they're better by Jingle Cross!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cross Christmas has begun...

For more pictures and initial impressions click here.

Estabrook Miss and Out...

Cross season is upon us here in Milwaukee, the Tuesday Miss and Out races have begun. These are run exactly like the track version, last person across the line each lap is pulled. Roscoe and myself were they only MWI presence this week (someone didn't read their training log very well) After the first two laps it was a my wife/Pegasus sandwich with Roscoe, Cale, and myself. We quickly worked up a sizable gap on 4th and 5th and started sizing each other up for the final sprint. As luck would have it my 2 year old Challange Grifo finally gave up the ghost and forced my early departure with about 4 laps to go. Roscoe kept it going and turned the screws to take his first win of the year. Hey if you pay money you can count it as a win, right? It's going to be a great year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Edging closer...

We quitely slipped past the one month to go mark. 27 days to the first race for some of the Wisco riders - Sept 20th Jackson Park, IL. The my wife inc Special Edition kits are in and you will just have to wait until the Sunday race in Madison to check them out. The "official" bike of my wife inc are on the way. CX Christmas is coming, a little bit late this year, but still in plenty of time for the season kick off.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Iowa CX Series

*CROSS SERIES. Yes, there is a 2009 CENTRAL IOWA CROSS SERIES. 8 races. 6 in the metro. 2 within 40 minutes of the metro. There will be overall prizes, leaders jerseys, great competition, consistent classes and more fun than you can shake a stick at. I promise. We have an unreal group of promoters with a common bond. That is to GROW the sport…….If you add the STATE cross race (not part of the series), you will have NINE (!!!) cross races in and around the metro. How rad is that???

*CROSS WEBSITE. You got it. Next week Mr. Scott Sumpter (of fame) will unveil a cross website. Blog updates. Race calendar. Race flyers. Results. Series information. Series results. Renegade info. Anything you could ever want or need on an awesome one-stop-shop.

Friday, August 21, 2009

crusty CX Calendar

September 19- Swope Park CX, Herman Under the Lights leaning towards HUL!

September 26/27- USGP Planet Bike Cup CX Sun Prarie WI

October 8-11 –UCI 3 Ohio??? the man might force me to sit this one out! The man sucks!

October 11- Chris CX

October 17- Capital CX

October 18-Boulevard CX

October 24/25- USGP Derby Cup CX, LouVull KY

October 31- Boss Cross #1

November 1- Sunflower CX

November 7- GP HPT CX

November 8- Veterans CX

November 15 DeStad Cross Cup

November 21 Boss Cross #2

November 27/29- Jingle Cross Rock CX, Iowa City IA

December 6- Boss Cross #4

Bodunklivar Schedule

The below is what I am looking at for 2009. Kiddo's activities are keeping me from the USGPs and possibly Jingle Cross.

Sept 13th - Bearcat 'Cross @ Hermann, MO
Sept 19th - Hermann Under the Lights @ Hermann, MO
Sept 27th - Diamond Blackfan 'Cross @ KC Area
Oct 11th - Chris Cross @ KC Area
Oct 17th - Capital Cup @ Topeka, KS
Oct 17th - Bubba Cross (At Night) @ STL
Oct 18th - Blvd Cup @ KC Area
Oct 18th - Bubba Cross @ STL
Oct 25th - Smithville 'Cross Festival @ KC Area
Oct 31st - Boss Cross #1 @ KC Area
Nov 1st - Sunflower Cross @ Lawrence, KS or KC Area
Nov 7th - Grand Prix Cross @ Topeka, KS
Nov 8th - Veteran's Cross @ KC Area
Nov 8th - Bubba Cross @ STL
Nov 15th - De Stad Cup @ Leavenworth, KS
Nov 21st - Boss Cross #2 @ KC Area
Nov 29th - Boss Cross #3 @ KC Area
Dec 6th - MO State Cross Championship

A couple other races lasting into 2010, but not on calendar. KC is a couple hour drive and STL is 3 1/2hr so I tend to stick to the west side of the state (better racing also). I plan to race primarily Cat III and a handful of Masters (that's right Crusty, there is someone older than you...).

Looking forward to packing away the kits to the right and busting out the pink, orange, and green this year!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Race Schedule

Here is our schedule of cross races this fall. KCers and Coloradans, please add your races.

2009 Cyclocross Races

Sept. 20 Jackson Park (Chicago Cup) (xXx Racing)
Sept. 26 Sat USGP-Planet Bike Cup #1 Madison/Sun Prairie, WI
Sept. 27 Sun USGP Planet Bike Cup #2 Madison/Sun Prairie, WI
Oct. 4 Sun Lapham Peak S.P. Delafield
Oct. 9-11 Fri-Sun. Cincinnati Races
Oct. 10 Sat Grafton Fall Festival CX, Downtown Grafton
Oct. 17 Sat Badger Prairie Park Verona (HTFU/CVC)
Oct. 18 Sun Cam Rock County Park, Rockdale (Brazen D/Os)
Oct. 24, 25 USGP-Derby Cup, Louisville, KY
Oct. 24 Sat Gibbs Lake Park Fulton (Janesville Velo)
Oct. 25 Sun Tripp Lake Park (UW Whitewater)
Oct. 31 Sat Washington Park Halloween CX, Milwaukee
Nov. 1 St. Charles/Campton Chicago (Chicago Cup)
Nov. 8 Sun Estabrook Park Milwaukee (Hampshire) Flyer
Nov. 14 Sat Kletsch Park "Regional" CX Champs - Milwaukee (Team Polska)
Nov. 22 Sun State Wisconsin CX Champs Hales Corners (Hampshire)
Nov. 27-29 Jingle Cross, Iowa City
Dec. 6 Montrose Harbor – Illinois State CX Championship (Chicago Cup) (Turin)
Dec. 10-13 U.S. National Championships, Bend, OR

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cabin Time!

So today was one of those days you want to ride all day. Sunny, 70s, nothing on the schedule but riding and a nap. I felt good, sharp, mostly rested.

But fearless coach Crusty, he of many excuses already, is trying to keep me on track for at least a little affirmation during the cross season. So I did my workout, rode home, and looked at the map of the roads I used to ride for hours hp here.

After the accident, finishing will be goal #1 at the first cross races.

But for now, it's all about the spirit of cross, having more fun than legally allowed on two wheels. Season starts in how many days, Mike?

By the way, when I rode this morning, it felt chilly, like fall was coming. All I could think: cross is coming, cross is coming...

Monday, August 17, 2009

crusty being, well crusty

I would like to thank you for trying to throw me under the bus in such a short amount of time. The blog invitation received today and already trying to pull the knife from my back. Thank goodness I have long arms to reach the knife and redirect toward your arse.

I'm just hoping you don't live up to your nickname 'half-lap' during the seven battles of CX supremacy.
Thank you for the challenge. Guns drawn, now may we take a few paces and turn...3o something days?

Since I seem to be such a lovely target, I will step up and make sure that my Misery Elder from Bodunklivar is taken care of in the geriatric CX class. I will have Aleve and Applesauce waiting for you at the finish. That is if you don't wonder off course somewhere along our travels. Do you have a Road ID so they call your family to come and get you? Or did they chip you?

Poking Crusty...

So last year Crusty and I had a friendly little race series going between us, it didn't go too well for him. This year was going to be full on, that is until Crusty started with the excuses. Now he is backing out of 3 of the races - work obligations, I think he is a little worried about another year of getting skunked. So we will meet at the USGP of Madison, USGP of Kentucky, and Jingle Cross for a total of 7 races. , Although I would like to sweep him again, I am hoping for a close series this year that will come down to the last day at Jingle Cross. I would feel bad if he has another year like last year.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

my wife inc team blog...

This blog will be your source for team updates, nonsense, team trash talking, race reports, and the occasional rant. Feel free to leave your own comments, opinions, and rants for the team.

It's going to be a great season!!