Sunday, November 8, 2009


"Hey let's sit on this guys wheel for the next 4 laps"
"Ok, then we can out sprint him at the line."
"Sounds good to me!"

Roscoe raced his second 1/2 race today. He pushed the pace in the chase group, but 5th was just out of reach and had a teammate sucking wheels in the photo above. I think Ross did the right thing in trying to bridge up to 5th. They got within 8 seconds, with Ross doing the bulk of the work. Better to try and come up a few seconds short than sit in and wonder "What If?" You killed it out there today, nice job!

For the non-Twitter folks here is my haiku Tweet re-cap.

Holeshot is all mine.
Loosing air fast makes slow turns.
Anger fuels fast legs.

Yep another holehsot squandered. This time by an untimely slow leak¿ Kept the lead into the techy twisty stuff and slowed the pace to a crawl to keep the wolves at bay before the pit as to not lose too many places switching bikes. It worked like a charm and came into the pits still in the top places. Unfortunately using the pit bike had not been on the agenda for today and as I had left the training wheels on with really slow clincher tires. I faded fast. Roscoe lent me a front wheel and I set off on a terror of passing people (this seems to be an unsettling trend of mine this season) All my good legs are used on bad days. But man was it FUN! I busted my ass catching and passing as many groups as I could. I pushed myself to a starry eyed frenzy for the next 6 laps. It was nice to hear a few folks ask what happened because they said it was clear I was riding much faster than where my placing was today. I can feel the form coming, now if I can just get the luck to go with it. Maybe I need to find my Power Animal...


  1. Thanks for the props man! It was a blast to have so many great people cheering. Great friends, great team, great support equals great Sunday! Thanks everyone, more than you know!

  2. Good to see He-Man foaming at the mouth Sunday! There is one crazed tiger, no, tazmanian devil, no. Something fierce and reckless, even dangerous, when that happens!

    And Roscoe! Gets pipped in the sprint by two serious roadies! Good work.

    Chad and Aaron bringing home the green too.

    Big Sunday from MWI!

  3. I'll be the first to admit that sucking Ross' wheel for most of the race was not the most fun way to spend 60 minutes on the bike, but the roadie in me took over and I ended up playing the "good teammate" role and chose to not help bridge up to the other Trocadero guy in 5th. Based on the couple of surges I put in, I doubt I would have been able to get away from Ross anyhow (dude, you're strong!), but it would have been more fun to duke it than let you pull us around. I look forward to future battles and fun racing!!!