Monday, October 12, 2009

Crusty Is... well, Crusty

Sunday's chilly temps had us at St. Mary's in Leavenworth for Chris Cross (round #2 of the De Stadt series). Great course (pretty bumpy though) and venue, but the highlight was definitely the Neon Noise Machine on every lap. Crusty was cranking the SuperFan mode (only one of all spectators) with his beer hand ups (compliments from ScottyD) and anti-freeze. I overheard someone asking if his 'day-glow' jumpsuit came with it's own battery pack. Awesome!

I had a sluggish start, worked the course with a couple others, had a minor sprint finish (personal victory), ended up 7th, and had a great time.

Who knows, maybe next time Crusty will blow his nose and actually toe the line. Next weekend is Capital Cross (Topeka, KS) on Saturday and Blvd Cup (Bonner Springs, KS) on Sunday. Crusty - have my bed ready.


  1. JJ the dog house will be ready.

  2. Nose has been blown. First bike workout in 9 days. Please, Oh please don't have me embarrASS you this weekend. That would be bad, really bad.

  3. Is your embarrass statement related to being on or off the bike? Just wondering...

  4. how come you weren't cheering me on, crusty? oh, yeah, it's because i only made it about three quarters of a lap before crashing out.