Thursday, December 17, 2009

A is for Awesome...

I am usually quite ready to hang up the tubulars, take a breather, and start some base miles in January. This year not so much. I feel like I still have unfinished business, having never really reached what I thought was possible for me this year. I suppose that is what "next year" is for and why we all keep coming back for more.

On racing front of the season I am going to give myself a solid C for Consistently mediocre. I never found my top end speed, I knew it was there I just couldn't seem to access it this year. There are reasons for the mediocrity and I am coming to terms with them and will implement some changes for next year.

This year ended up being more about the experience and less about the results for me and for that I am grateful and give the season an A+ for AWESOMENESS. Each week brought new adventures and friendly faces. I raced in in 5 states on some rad courses and met a ton of fantastic people. It seemed that each week of travel to far away races brought more and more people into the extended cross family. We took the extended family and crashed a post race party in Ohio. Crashed a hotel pool in Iowa. Got crazy on donuts, coffee, and beer in PDX. I am stoked to have gotten to make so many new friendships over the course of the season - I finally got to not only meet but become great friends with my personal working man's hero and his super wife, I was fortunate enough to work the pit for and with some of the best in the business and glean some great insight and tips form them, and share some time with some other rad superhero's of cross. Did I mention the awesome courses, aside from the amazing people on the "Midwest UCI Cross Race Travelling Circus of Good Times and Racing" the courses were a big part of the awesome.

I LOVE MY TEAM! They are a great group that have a passion for cyclocross and I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring for the team. my wife inc has taken off and provided hours of entertainment, competition, training, and new friendships. Next year will bring a new kit design (is that really a surprise) and I am sure we will continue our quest for becoming the most PRO non-PRO team...

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