Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Update (no Seth Myers)

Fun weekend of racing starting with Capital Cup in Topeka, KS. Got the word on the way up that Crappy (er, I mean Crusty) wasn't making an appearance. First double up of the year as I jumped in the masters 40+ and the 3s later on. Masters race was going well until a remount error on my part burped my tubeless, rode it for 1 lap until I had to pit and quickly went from 6th to 11th. Good time none the less. Got a couple hours break between and after a horrific start in the 3s clawed my back to finish 7th. Great course and loads of fun (even if it included the 'Mound of Mercy' every lap - brutal!).

Next day was the Blvd Cup in KCK, which had a great turnout and a super course. I skipped the masters and raced the 3s. As I was kitting up I saw a mirage and had to shake myself... it was Crusty in a kit, he actually does ride bikes!!!! I was just getting ready to talk racing when he let me know he was only there for 'warm up laps' and no racing would take place. Bummer, he looked so cute in that Sunday subdue. After another bad start (notice a trend here) I did my best to race and mostly have fun and ended up 9th. Superfan skipped the day-glow jumpsuit and opted for jeans and left THE cowbell crown jewel at home so turned out he played the part of 'just a fan'.

Solid weekend of events and so much fun. Next weekend is the Smithville 'Cross Fest and I'm looking to double up again. You guys have fun at the USGP!

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