Friday, August 21, 2009

crusty CX Calendar

September 19- Swope Park CX, Herman Under the Lights leaning towards HUL!

September 26/27- USGP Planet Bike Cup CX Sun Prarie WI

October 8-11 –UCI 3 Ohio??? the man might force me to sit this one out! The man sucks!

October 11- Chris CX

October 17- Capital CX

October 18-Boulevard CX

October 24/25- USGP Derby Cup CX, LouVull KY

October 31- Boss Cross #1

November 1- Sunflower CX

November 7- GP HPT CX

November 8- Veterans CX

November 15 DeStad Cross Cup

November 21 Boss Cross #2

November 27/29- Jingle Cross Rock CX, Iowa City IA

December 6- Boss Cross #4


  1. you just had to make yours bigger and blue...

  2. Why are the KC races known as Boss Cross and Bubba Cross? How close are you guys to Arkansas? Or Kentucky?

  3. There are these neat things called maps Chili, look at one. BTW, St Louis races are known as Bubba, has to do with a dog. Not redneck. You don't understand because it doesn't have cheese, beer, or 'ski in it, eh?

  4. Chili watch the Boss Cross bashing. They are "Boss" as in Rad not Hog. And I miss them...