Monday, April 23, 2012

'12 MTB Season Opener

So here we are again with the build up to 2012/'13 'cross season and that means spring MTB'ing building some 'off-season' base and working on acheiving the legendary 'Crusty Skillz' (bike handling).

Yesterday was my first race of '12 and luckily it was on my 'home turf' of Sac River Trails in Springfield, MO for the OMBA CARAMBA.  This is where I do a majority of my trail riding and know the system pretty well.  This place doesn't really put a single speed at a disadvantage as the course it tight, rough and twisty with only a couple 'pedaling' sections.

I jumped in the marathon class on my SS Trek Rig in a solid field of competitors for the 3+hr event.  I regulated my HR and pace early and built on it every lap starting in 4th place on the 1st lap of the 5.56 mile loop and by the finish (6 laps) I nabbed 2nd place (3hrs 14min).  I felt solid as the race progressed and am happy with my fitness.  BTW - I am 10lbs lighter than this time last year and I am liking it...

Up next is a handful more mtb events before hitting the crit scene mid summer.  'Cross can't get here fast enough!