Saturday, September 12, 2009

That, Good Sirs and Ladies, was Awesome

First, Crusty and the boys, I'm not sure if you've seen Myerson's blog, but you need to see this. It's all about HTFU!

Second, I may be pushing a little hard for the recovery, but damn that was a good ride. First two hour plus ride since the crash in March. Did three threshold intervals that felt good, and I actually felt strong, able to push some kind of gear. Still not much speed, but the power is coming back.

Plus, it is sunny and warm today, which means - at least I hope it means - that it's going to rain and snow and sleet and all sorts of nasty weather by next weekend for the first cross race of the year in Jackson Park.

Maybe I'll do two races next Sunday; maybe I'll try the hole shot in the 3s, fall over at an appointed time, and let my boys ride away free.

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  1. I feel a connection with that fella! Spoken word is too true for reality!