Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cabin Time!

So today was one of those days you want to ride all day. Sunny, 70s, nothing on the schedule but riding and a nap. I felt good, sharp, mostly rested.

But fearless coach Crusty, he of many excuses already, is trying to keep me on track for at least a little affirmation during the cross season. So I did my workout, rode home, and looked at the map of the roads I used to ride for hours hp here.

After the accident, finishing will be goal #1 at the first cross races.

But for now, it's all about the spirit of cross, having more fun than legally allowed on two wheels. Season starts in how many days, Mike?

By the way, when I rode this morning, it felt chilly, like fall was coming. All I could think: cross is coming, cross is coming...

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