Thursday, September 30, 2010

USGP #1 mwi Representing In Many Ways

mwi Compound

Chucker rockin into the downhill

Herman leading Dr. Roadrash

Chucker showing perfect form for portage

crusty, well showing up Chucker in proper form

Off we go!

Herman pushing the Blue through the corner

crusty showing some fella's a faster line(Lord knows these guys need HELP)

Roscoe P Fasttrain well being Roscoe P Fasttrain

Dr. Roadrash keeping the rubber side down! At least during the race.

Check out the first few seconds of the intro. That's the mwi crew on the front row. Representing Herman, Roscoe P Fasttrain, Dr Roadrash. Missing the bunch are Chucker and crusty.

We were graced with Molly Cameron, Tim Van Nuffel, Francis Mourey presence at the mwi compound. That made for a busy weekend for the whole crew. Pitting for Molly, TVN, Steve Fisher, and Brian Matter added to the excitement of the weekend.

Oh yea, check out Colt's t-shirt. That's how we roll.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SWMO Dirt Crit #6

Low turnout last night, but still some quality guys. LBS demo'ed me a Specialized 29er (never ridden on before) for the wide open 'roadie' course and it was a good choice (terrain too rough for the 'cross bike). Stuck with leaders (two guys) threw 1 1/2 laps then got gaped for rest of the race. Finished third (again) and got in a solid 40 minute suffer-fest. Bike driving ability is on the rise as these events are forcing me to be smoother with much more flow then ever before; if this keeps up by the time I am 50 I'll have 'Crusty Like' skillz (smooth as margarine).

Tried and tried to arrange schedule to play with the boys this weekend in Madison, but family and work is keeping me south. Heading to KC on Sunday for the inaugural Manion's CX for a double (Masters and then 2/3 race). Good luck this weekend fellow Jackalopes and ride 'em if you got 'em.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When it Rains it Pours (Literally)

Instead of re-entering the saga take a look HERE for the full scoop.

Quick summary: Fitness and bike driving is on the rise and feeling great, don't EVER use Challenge latex tubes, I need to learn to glue tires better, Her'Crust'ules breaks out in gymnastic moves for no reason during races, pop-up campers are not water-tight, insurance is always a good thing to have (luckily I do), and Crusty is BANNED from every camping with me again (so far has lost a tent and a camper when he is involved).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hermann Under the Lights Race Report

The call up was grueling. USAC official is the chute nazi:
'Go to the back of the field, you missed your call up"
"Don't overlap his tire, I said DON'T OVERLAP HIS TIRE, You know your holding up this whole race?"
"I'm going to penalize you."

After much drama the emergency evacution siren goes off. JJ's front row argy-bargy call up goes well. Mine well I've been practicing ways to miss my pedal at the starts. Another successful endeavor. I'm not a quitter!
Pinched going from pavement to grass transition. Pass a couple through the twistys on the backside of the ball fields. Nice downhill off-camber 180 to chop block a couple more. Move into top 15. More carnage at the FLAT straightaway one barrier. JB takes a dirt nap. Over the barrier make a spot or two move. I'm good at the whole barrier jump over, jump back on bike thingy. Ride like a demon towards the 32 step run up to hear a half arse rock band playing some crap music. Down the paved hill grass transition 180 left hand off camber downhill to 180 right hand off camber downhill totally smoking it now. A soft chicane to uphill road transition then back into the grass then...

Editors Cut

I hit my IT so deep that my left quad wouldn't pedal anymore. So I just practiced my mad bunny hop skillz to remedy myself for all my adoring fans.
I would like to thank Cale for the best comment of the night: "Ohh your the one everyone is talking about that ate shiittee in the sandpit. All that dirt on your kit gave it away. Heard it was awesome!"

It was awesome!

The Old Guy's Race Report: WCA cross #1 and Chicago's Jackson Park

A strange thing has happened to my body since the crash: I used to be a good climber and hills made me happy. 

Since the crash, though, I struggle up hills. I don't have as much power. I can't snap up hills like I used to. 

So despite my initial glee about the course conditions at No Good Double Cross in Eagle: lots of mud, repeated climbing of the steep, reasonably long hill drained me. I still did alright overall in the 45 plus, yet I felt slow and sluggish.

One positive was the bike driving. The mud tires gave me a sense of confidence to carve through a lot of corners without brakes. 

The course was okay. I missed stretches of length, where we could get into a rhythm and go. It felt a little choppy, and the "orchard" was pretty rough with rocks. The venue owner told me the whole orchard pathway had been opened up by the tornado that swept through Eagle last year. 

The venue, though, is unique and fun. If the promoters could find a way to lengthen it, that would be better. 

Last year Jackson Park was my first post-crash race. I finished somewhere in the 30s or lower, but I finished and wasn't lapped. I was thrilled. 

Today, there were 100 40 plus riders who lined up! With some heavy hitters. A definitely stacked field. I forgot how much of an argy-bargy a cross start could be when my foot got knocked off my pedal as I was clipping in. I lost 10 spots right away from a second row start! 

I drilled it then steady and strong. I felt tired, but still passed a lot of people. Many riders in Chicago use their brakes WAY TOO MUCH. Once I cleared through riders, and had a clean line, I barely touched the brakes except in the off-camber stuff on the hill. 

I was able to jump and power through a lot of the course. My legs felt dead from yesterday's race and all the training, but I was still able to hammer along. 

One of the best parts of the day was that I passed several riders or caught up to several riders while I ran the barriers! Last year, it was all I could do to walk over them! 

I was also thrilled with Mike Heenan's gluing and bike build up job. Riders all over the course were rolling tires (lots of off-camber stuff) and I just dug in with no brakes and flew. 

I finished 20th despite the poor start and tired legs. I was very pleased to see that result, given the long year of training, rehab, and continued therapy. And while the drive was long, the wake-up call damn early, the competition was fierce down there. I'll definitely go back.

Jackson Park was a great course, although I don't understand why XXX Racing didn't tape off the whole course. The little red flags became seriously hard to see as the race wore on and I was seeing double.

I'm beat now after driving home and showering. An excellent way to start the year. 

Next weekend, all the big dogs show up to Sun Prairie for the USGP. A while back, I had dreams of making a run at the 45 plus USGP overall, but those hopes have been derailed. Still, now that I have the kinks worked out, it's time to be aggressive and ride hard. 

I can't wait!

Chili Warloski

Thursday, September 9, 2010


As revised July 1, 2010, UCI Rule 5.1.024 states that: "The course may include a single section of planks. This obstacle must consist of two planks placed minimum 4 metres and maximum 6 metres apart. The planks must be solid for their entire height and not made of metal. They must have a maximum height of 40 cm and extend the entire width of the course." (This was adopted by USAC, but hasn't made the current online version of the rule book yet - 5A10. That's because this "season" of cyclocross is the 2011 season and the on-line rule book is the 2010 version.)

For all of you who need the converison 4 meters is 13 feet, 1 1/2 inches, and 6 meters is 19 feet, 8 1/4 inches (40 cm is 1 foot, 3 3/4 inches, but that's not important right now.) In other words, the barriers are a good distance apart - about as far apart as two mattresses laid end to end. 4 meters is a distance that gives most people two good running strides between barriers, without having to half step or stutter before gracefully leaping the second barrier.

Why am I pointing this out? Beacuse last night, I attended a cyclocross clinic, and of course it included a set of barriers, but they were set way too close together, maybe only 8 feet apart - less than two mattresses. So, just a friendly reminder to all of the cyclocross clinic and race organizers out there, please bring a tape measure with you and set the barriers at the right distance apart. I'll thank you, the other experienced riders will thank you, and the beginners will thank you, although they'll probably be wondering why in the heck they'll have to get off a perfectly good bicycle and carry it over wooden planks set up across the course.

One other reminder, since this is the 2011 Cyclocross season, your racing age is your age as of December 31, 2011. So, who is now eligible to race with the Masters?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SW Missouri Short Track #4 and #5

Last week we started getting a reprieve from the brutal heat and humidity which made for fun cool weather for racing. Almost has a 'crossy feel to the air (almost).

The race promoters switched up the course last week and went with a super short loop focused primarily on tight single track with the only open pedal mashing section coming at the end of each for about 300meters. I knew right away I was in trouble as 'mad skills - Crusty style' is not my strength (heck, it's so bad it's below weakness). Never the less I was racing with pretty good fitness and wasn't bouncing off too many trees in the woods and managed to come away with 3rd place (the front two were no where in sight) taking advantage hammering the open section to make time on others behind.

Last night (event #5) the promoters kept the same loop (oh crap) as apparently others really like it. The turnout was pretty low, but the quality was primo with the addition of local stud and Jelly Belly sprinter Brad Huff to the mix (he is no joke on knobbies). I took my Blue down and took a warm up lap on her to see if it was an option and sure enough I made it thru pretty smooth and quick, but decided to hold off as some lite rain was making some rocks and area slick and it wasn't worth dumping my girl for this. Back to the 30lbs Fuel...

Race was fast and furious and at the end of the night I held on for 4th while Huff took the win and nearly lapped me. So far a 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, and a 4th and I think that has me in either 2nd or 3rd overall (some of the leaders missed a couple races). Three more to go for this fun series.

I am definitely not a mtb'er, but am having a blast at this series and can drastically tell my bike driving abilities are increasing. Last night I followed my training partner Ira (who is silky smooth in single track) on lap two following his lines which helped understand flow and the rest of the race I increased pace thru the tight stuff - made it a lot more fun than work.

Week and a half before my 'cross kickoff in Hermann, MO and I can't wait.