Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, after a great weekend of racing my first cat 2/3 race, where on Saturday after "testicle surfing" the start as Crusty put it and fighting my way back to 20th. Followed by Sunday, where I had a good start and finished 5th.  To the fact that we hung with some pros for most of the weekend and had a great time with the MWI crew.  It all came crashing down, literally.

My personal title sponsor and I were out for a nice fall evening ride, when about a mile from home, the craptastic Oak Leaf Trail Road took us out.  Mo, being the animal that she is, was sprinting past me on a short up hill after a fast down hill.  And then, down goes Mo, taking me out as well.  We think her front wheel got caught in a rut in the fine roads of Milwaukee!  Mo's helmet is smashed in the back, bikes slightly mangled and with less skin than I started the day with, we are all just fine.  Minus Mo's concussion and our aches and pains.  

Won't stop me from racing, or training for that matter, as I was back on the horse tonight when I got home from work.  

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  1. Great results, bro! Hope everyone heals up soon.