Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grass Crit.....

Lapham Peak State Park.  Not the best cross course in the land, especially after USGP last weekend.  But, it turned out well for the team.  MWI fully represented in the Cat 3 race today.  Heeman, Chucker, Chili and myself all lined up for some fun.  Heeman took the hole shot, as usual, with me in third wheel.  Through the next 1/4 lap I passed the guy in second and was behind Heeman in second wheel through the chicanes.  Heeman got a gap through that section so I yelled to him to "go" and I would slow down to block.  He went for it, but another rider behind was having none of it and chased him down.  I covered the move as we went past Heeman.  From there it was a two man race for myself and the other rider, as Heeman blocked for me through the chicanes again.  We went into the last barrier section side by side as the other rider stumbled, I took advantage and soloed in for the win.  MWI rocked it today, Roscoe 1st, Chucker 3rd, Heeman 8th and Chili (with double flats) mid 20's.  Great day on a not so cross, cross course.  Cinci next week for 3 days of fun!  Thanks all for a good race!

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