Monday, August 17, 2009

crusty being, well crusty

I would like to thank you for trying to throw me under the bus in such a short amount of time. The blog invitation received today and already trying to pull the knife from my back. Thank goodness I have long arms to reach the knife and redirect toward your arse.

I'm just hoping you don't live up to your nickname 'half-lap' during the seven battles of CX supremacy.
Thank you for the challenge. Guns drawn, now may we take a few paces and turn...3o something days?

Since I seem to be such a lovely target, I will step up and make sure that my Misery Elder from Bodunklivar is taken care of in the geriatric CX class. I will have Aleve and Applesauce waiting for you at the finish. That is if you don't wonder off course somewhere along our travels. Do you have a Road ID so they call your family to come and get you? Or did they chip you?


  1. Hey I gave you fair warning that the blog was going up and gave you author permission. Just making sure you stay fired up =)

    And don't worry you aren't the only target only the first.

  2. I hope you are not handing out the same "whoop'ins" you gave me at TdKC?!?!?!?

    I do have a Road ID and for emergency contact ii simply states "Don't call anyone and just wait as Crusty will hopefully be along soon".

  3. Don't worry I won't be trying to get you to the front of a CX race. I will just give you a little love bump like last year.

    Maybe on a cool down lap. Just make sure your old timers doesn't kick in and wonder outside of the tape towards Bodunklivar.