Thursday, December 31, 2009

mwi Is Going To 11 in '10

As I sit here, feet propped up, drinking a vanilla soy milk. I have alot to look back on. Really though it's what's coming in 2010 that is the cat's meow for me.

My season was pretty much lived through my mwi teammates that tore a spot in the races they participated in throughout the country in 09. The mwi traveling circus garnered coverage of some sort at the many races they attended. Absolutely amazing considering we are the most unPRO PRO Team. Unsponsored by corporate/IBD shop, coffee shop, barber shop, tattoo shop, beer, energy drink, lawyer, doctor(joke) anywhere. I'm still amazed to this day how we(mwi crew) show up, in, around some sort of big media action shot, video, mention. Unf'nreal!

So what's on the slate for '10? Way more than anyone would expect for a bunch of good friends who race pretty damn serious.

Me(crusty) is up to new old stuff for '10. Im going for the fence this year, not that I'm making a resolution or anything(been told those are for suckers) but I'm making it clear that I'm taking a new focus on racing, one which I had back in maybe 95 or 96.

Right now several of us are planning Band Camp 10. After that I want to tackle one demon that slayed me a few years back. Then make a good charge at my favorite road race. I will be paying a visit to some of these also, all in the name of sharpening my game for CX.

Before I get my CX game on I've got my mind set on getting one of these in the KC area...
That's right, a Gentlemen's Race. I have a wicked course lined out. Thrown out the idea to a couple of people who could help this monster take off. Then...CX I'm hoping to stay healthy for the season because I want to be part of the mwi traveling circus!

That is if they can handle that much crusty!
Happy New Year

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