Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wisco Weekend Update

Saturday- Cat 3 Report
Milwaukee MWI crew made the longer than remembered trek to Verona for the Badger Prairie race that turned out to be a leg and lung buster with a course that included nearly all climbing and descending.  That being said, it was a course that favors my lack of bike handling skills.  As the race carries on, I find myself in 1st, starting to get a nice little gap on 2nd.  Then, on the second to last lap, a 180 degree down hill turn from grass to pavement decided to release the bond of tire, glue and carbon rim on the front. I decide to continue with this set up until I can get to the pits.  I switched bikes and kept going, but the chase was on and I was caught on the last lap. With a 1/4 lap to go, another rider was in front of me through some tight turns when he bobbled slightly, I went around and hammered it for the last climb and through the finish for the win. Chucker in 5th, Mike in 12th and Chili in 21st. Dr. Crash took 8th in the cat 4's.

Sunday- Cat 3 Report
The Cam Rock course is way more fun than the prior day, with much of the course moving through the woods around the park.  MWI lines up 3 in the front row.  I get the holeshot and take it into the barriers where Mike passes me easily, again my lack of handling skills shows here.  Mike and I are running 1 and 2 for most of the first lap.  A couple riders pass through some of the wooded section and during a tight, loose left hander, one of them goes down as I role onto his frame avoiding some nice carbon wheels.  As I'm getting going again, I get run into on the right side as the rest of the pack goes by on the left, knocking my feet out of the pedals again.  Damn, here we go, chase chase chase.  Now my inexperience shows, I chase back up to a group of 3 including Cale from Pegasus, and decide to sit in to recover a little.  What I failed to realize was this was the 2nd, 3rd, 4th place group and the leader was only 10 seconds in front. I thought we were probably running 5, 6, 7 or something like that, so I figured no need to chase down for 4th.  Woops.  As the race goes on I tell Cale I'm going and to stay on my wheel.  He does through the last lap as I get a small gap through the finish line.  I should have chased down the leader, but I didn't know where I was running.  Still learning in this 2nd year of racing. It will not happen again!  I finish 2nd, Chucker in 7th, Mike in 12th (eventhough the standings say 13th, screwed them up again) and Chili 22nd.  Dr. Crash had to work.

Next up, Louisville USGP

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