Sunday, October 31, 2010

First, first and tenth

In my "first" race of the season, my "first" single speed race, I placed "tenth", dispelling my prediction earlier in the week that I wouldn't put up a top-ten placing, although I won't divulge the number of starters.

The K.C. Boss Cross series put on a nice race on a fairly technical course, far from the much maligned grass crit, with two long sand pits, two sets of barriers, and a run-up/ride-up depending on your speed and skills, lots of twists and turns, good straight aways and a hand full of Halloween costumes.

The race had the Cat 4's, the Single Speeders (me), and the Cat 4's 40+ running 40 minutes. We started 30 seconds behind the Cat 4's, and I had a good start, based on my standards anyway, about in 8th place into the first turn. I passed one or two and got passed by one or two by the time we hit the first run thru the sand pit, where we hit the back of the Cat 4 field. I ran thru a few Cat 4's and got stuck behind a couple who couldn't ride a steep switch back turn and lost a couple places amongst the single speeders. After that was the run-up / ride-up, which turned into a run-up for me because I was usually in a group as I hit it, and because my 36x19 was a little high to ride it (excuses, excuses - I'm just not in shape.)

The first set of barriers were next - nicely set-up to get a fairly speedy run into them, with just a slight uphill after - followed by grass, pavement, fast turns, and then the second set of barriers. The second set was on an uphill stretch, then about 50 feet later was the second sand pit. After the slog thru the sand was a few more twists and turns, ups and downs, and then the finish line.

I was running about 9th most of the race until I caught a course marker with my left pedal and ran off course. The guy behind me came by as I was extracting myself from the course tape, and was gone for good when I stumbled on the run-up the next time by. I was making a little time on him after that, but didn't have enough time before the end of the race.

I felt pretty good after, and really good for my first single speed race, not knowing what to expect. MWI was well represented with Crusty and Mike on hand in Cat 3 and Open races. Next week is a two days of racing in Lawrence, although with three days in Oklahoma for work this week, I may only race Saturday.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bunny Hop or Die

So, last weekend at Kletzsch Park was tough. I felt terrible, the legs felt terrible, went nearly full on vomitron on the first lap (usually this comes around the 4th lap for me) and I was dreading writing a post for the site. I was thinking about it all week, reflecting on what I could have done better, what went well and what I need to work on. It basicly boiled down to my bike driving in moderately muddy conditions was friggin' asinine and my climbing ability has been severly lacking since not riding so much on the road these past couple months. Nonetheless, I decided to to keep my fingers still this week until after Halloween Cross at Washington Park.


I was so jacked up this morning I couldn't sleep with the anticipation of today's race. Up an hour and a half before my alarm, I headed to the garage to do some minor wrenching and bike prep on the Blue's. Put down breakfast and some Java and off to the races the lady and I went. I was half expecting another year of ridiculous lines at this race as it seems to draw the even crazier crazies out! But to my dismay, no waiting! Sweet. Hooked up with Chili just before my warmup and he strapped on a pair of his Easton EA70 tubulars wrapped with Grifo's. With a bit of tweaking by top notch wrench - Heman, I was off to get my tubular cherry popped.....and I was sold pretty much right away. They just roll over everyting so nicely and feel so supple.

Anyways, lets get to the racin'. Good position in the start chute and into the first corner. Sitting top 5. Exactly where I need to be. I heard carnage just before the hard right that consisted of lots of wheel rubbing, followed by "WHOA!" and the crunching of some carbon. Sitting 5th wheel on Lap 1, managed to pass a feller before the tree section leading up to the Coffin Hop. Mantained that and started closing down on 3rd wheel. I started to become a bit foggy and didn't see a lot more than 15 feet in front of me on the next lap and a half but he had maintained about a 50m gap on me in the open power sections. Made up a good bit of ground remounting soon after the barriers on the run up, although not quite where I wanted to remounted, but I felt that I needed to run just a bit to get my momentum up as the barriers were pretty far up the hill. Unfortunately I fell victim to a mechanical while remounting the first set of barriers and my seatpost sitting down with my saddle just about resting on my top tube. Luckily I managed to ride, feeling like little kid with an ill fitting bike, back to the pit where I had stashed Dr. Road Rash's C bike in case of an emergency! Chili and Jess conjured up a guesstimate of where my seatpost should be and were waiting on the next lap with A bike in hand. Bell lap now and I've lost a bunch of places between pitting, riding like a midget, and then driving the boat - aka Aaron's C bike (and I never realized until today how big that bike is for me haha!). I think I may have made one pass and also got passed on the last lap, but it was quite a blur between me gasping for air and my legs about to fall off in pain.

All in all 13th on the day isn't too bad considering the mishap and double pit. I'm good with that and looking forward to Estabrook next weekend. Unfortunately going to have to miss Wizard Cross this Sunday Funday as I currently blogging from work....but if I take a little nap, I'll be good to go for an early AM departure to Madtown right? Man I wish!

- P Bro out!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, here we are, two months into the 'cross season, and I have yet to pin on a number - I've been busy working in Memphis, and seeing the king. All of that changes tomorrow.

I've read my teammates race reports wishing I was there, rubbing dusty or muddy elbows with Euro Pros, clanging a cowbell in Crusty's ear as he sped past, eating a LeBam cupcake, or swimming for safety.

I don't expect to see anyone who raced at Plzen here in Kansas City North on Saturday, and I don't expect score a top ten finish like Ross, but it'll feel good to spin the pedals, run the sand pits, and once again enjoy the pure sweet hell that is cyclocross.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LouVull USGP

Well the traveling circus converged on good ol' LouVull Kentucky in the new Eva Bandman Cyclocross Park. Yes LouVull is a very progressive thinking city. A dedicated cyclocross park just on the edge of downtown. No wonder they were able to secure Worlds CX along with Masters Worlds. Ok now back to the race report.
The course, well it was brand spanking new. As in we were suppose to be the first one's on it Friday for pre-ride. So new in fact that the sod hadn't even taken yet on the Sella Italia Run(ride) Up. The sand pit still had plastic bottles and other such trash items hidden in it. Sunday they were digging out a root during our race. Good times! Plus some asshat has been using the park as his private driving range.
To the race course the three amigo's report at our designated time of arse crack early 7am. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. Sit til 8:30 to pre-ride the course. Pre-ride the course a couple three times. Return to the compound. Sit. Watch. Sitting. Watching. Change into race kit. Warm up. Go to staging with 134 other tight clothed fella's. Exchange greetings with others. After the call up from hell they decide to reduce our race by one lap. Thanks. Thanks a whole hell of a lot. I traveled 7+ plus hours to get a reduced race. How about a reduced entry fee? Just sayin.

USAC official gives the 15 second warning. "Any time after 15 seconds the gun can go off", "15 seconds" suddenly someone leaves from the Johnny on the Spot. Damn near everyone flinched. Right after that the gun went off.

The mad dash down a long straight away was crazy. Turning from pavement to fresh sod even crazier. Nice step down leading to a soft left hander. Then a sweet BMX jump with an immediate dismount over two barriers. Really fun. Really sketchy. I heard someone go down which stopped the field behind me. After that a couple of turns into the Sella Italia Run up which everyone rode, WTF? Down the backside into a right, left sweeper into the pit of death. Totally carnage ensued lap after lap. Amazingly I rode it every lap without a problem. Unphuckingbelieveable I know. A real confidence booster after my somersault to cartwheel to slight disco/breakin move at Hermann. To be honest after that it was all kinda of a blur. I think all the dust must have affected my memory.
The only other thing that sticks out in mind is the Rosco P Fasttrain decided to see what it was like to kiss the barrier with his noggin. He was not looking so good when I passed him. Facing the barriers on his knee's but I didn't find out later that he really did get F'd up pretty badly. Cat Scan on shoulder, stitches to the melon, and memory loss.
Sandpit of Death
Dusty crusty

All that I do know is that the official pulled me with 2 to go. Oh well it was fun.
Reported at the same bat time, same bat place. Oy vey. Wait til the sun came up at 8:30 pre-rode the course. Checked out the sweet changes back in the dust bowl section of the course. Gnarly drop off into the fence, I mean into a 180 then a run at the run up from yesterday. I did hear some of the 2/3's did make it. I never could do it during warmup so I figured that would not be a good sign for the race. You know being surrounded by 140 tight clothed fella's ain't goin help.

Same ol, same ol. Stage, call ups, yada, yada. Gun goes off, I felt I had alot better start than the day before. Get to the BMX jump unable to actually see the barriers from all the dust. GOOD THING I PRE RODE!!! I heard several panicked fella's stating they couldn't see the barriers. After that I don't remember much. Raced for awhile then got pulled with 3 to go I think.
Great weekend of racing.

  • A dedicated cyclocross park is amazing
  • Not a lot of fans there.
  • A Hell of alot racers though.
  • Papa Johns pizza at the venue was great
  • Why is that both Doctors on the team fall down so much?
  • Hermann gets very upset at other racers.
So if you need some new tunes for warm ups, riding fast, driving faster. Check out Volbeats new one. Not to heavy, just heavy enough. Plus if you like Elvis you get it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Minor Victory and a Lot of Mud

With new perspective on fun, I drove up to Kletsch on a warm Saturday morning. It was less of the mountain bike course it has been in the past, but it still had the hellacious hill run up. A good course and a fun day for the race put on by our friends at Pegasus.

Dave Eckel was in front of me for most of the race, but in the last lap I caught him. I tried to pass him up the rideable hill but he matched my effort. So we rode together to the last set of barriers just meters before the finish. My repaired knee doesn't always like full-speed barriers: it crumples sometimes in that first step off the bike. It happened in Grafton, and I crashed into the barrier.

I rode up next to Dave and decided I was either going to crash or beat him. The knee held, I ran quickly, and sprinted to the line. Dave had a rough remount and finished behind me.

When I drove to today's race in Cambridge at the Camrock County Park, it rained the entire way. I smiled a lot. And when I arrived, I could see the first set of cat 4 masters covered in mud! Oh frabjous day!

I love me my Fangos in the mud! In the first lap, I could actually stay with Ferguson and the boys at the front because of the tires and bike handling. But as the course dried out, the mud became sticky peanut butter. I don't have the power yet to ride through that kind of muck. I understand now why HeMan thought I should get two sets of the Fangos. When I switched bikes midway through the race, the Grifos held nicely but not like their mud brothers.

Eckel pulled away from me today. It's becoming a fun rivalry as he has gotten much better this year. Another big improvement has been Mark McGeen, who won today's race.

Next week is the Halloween cross at Washington Park in Milwaukee, then onto Wizzard Cross at the new venue in Madison. Hopefully, my legs will continue to improve with more races in them. Maybe I'll find some power along the way!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tulsa Racing Weekend

Quick recap: Tulsa races for some reason typically have large payouts so with all the 'big boys' gathering in the Midwest (central Midwest) for a Friday night and Saturday event I didn't want to miss out.

Course was interesting to say the least with the upper level being mtb'ish and the lower simply running back and forth with 180's. No complaining here as variety is the spice of life and from time to time I need to back away from the delicious 'cross course buffet KC provides and snack elsewhere.

Front row start for the 3's and was in the top 6 half way through the first lap when a guy cut in front of my wheel, engaged my front, and !POING! a broken spoke. Still riding it when at the start of lap 2 I flatted a KCCX loaner rear (since mine went flat in warm ups right before the start) carbon wheel/Grifo and didn't want to damage it so I called it a day (after two freaking laps).

Was frustrated and simply wanting to race something I jumped in the 50 minute Masters, got a third row start spot (crap), made several early attacks riding super solid and finished 3rd (nice little bank paid for the weekend). Never rode outside of my abilities and was climbing and accelerating pretty decent.

My CHALLENGE Grifo XS's were spot on for this course and they performed outstanding and the Blue rode like a 'cross bike should - point and shoot (fast). Always fun wearing the MWI kits to new areas as tons of comments were made all evening.

Here's a video of the Rut N Guts highlights (I am in there a handful of times):

***Katherine Walberg, Kenda rider from Topeka, winning the women's race on the 2010 Blue Norcross - sweet!***

Woke the next morning and headed to a local bike shop before Saturday's race to get a new spoke repair, but found the hub damaged and rendered the wheel useless (not a big deal as it was pretty old and in need of replacement soon).

With Slime Tubes in hand I headed to the Newblock Park Cyclocross race near downtown Tulsa. The reason for the 'slimers' was Friday night's main conversation was about how the GOATHEAD thorns were everywhere a on the Newblock course (and they were correct). Folks were flatting left and right in warm ups and racing, but I guess the Slime tubes inside the Grifo XS's did they job as I didn't have a single issue.

Wanting to get home earlier I hopped in the Masters race again and rode the 'crit style' course (wide open with no tight anything) to another 3rd place finish. Once again the Challenge XS's flew on this course and were the right pick.

Super fun weekend which netted me races #8 and 9 for the season so far. Taking next weekend off as I need a week of easy recovery riding before the assault on the 2nd half of the season with Jingle Cross and MO State Championships coming up.

Monday, October 18, 2010

No recap...

Wow, all I do is post photos of myself. Well some weeks that's all there is time for and all I have, but I do have a few bits for you this week.

I rode my bike around in circles at a race down in Illinois, nothing really happened.

File Treads - buy them, practice on them, and they will rock your socks off. Seriously, take a look at what tyres Stybar won the World Cup on over the weekend. The Challenge Grifo XS are just the ticket for smooth grassy races. When these bad boys come out of the quiver, speedy smiles follow!

I still think fly-overs are the "spiral-of-death" for 2010, even thought this one was huge it still didn't add anything to the race (sorry Ted) it was simply another forced dismount. Okay it did allow the course to figure 8 itself...

Japanese Cartoon - can't stop listening to their new EP. They were inspired by Joy Division, so if that's your thing then you should check them out!

Next up - the mwi traveling circus hits up the Lou'ville USGP.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I went down to Chicago land for racing on Saturday. Our good friend Ted put on a race as part of the Chicago Cup series, and asked us to come down to support him. For all Ted does for us, I figured I would go down and do what I could to help. Ted asked me to be the race doctor, which I thought was pretty funny, but I said sure! I had to be there for the entire day, so why not race as much as possible.

So, I leave the house about 6 am to get down there to pre-ride the course and be available for first aid when the first race starts. Little did I know I would have to dodge bullets during pre-ride, literally. Some dudes were hunting in the area with gunshots poppin' off while we where checking out the course. Oh well, just ride faster than the bullets, right?

So the course was held on a golf driving range, but was actually fun with many fast swoopy turns and a fly over (I know some peoples' view on fly overs, but whatever, it was something different).

Anyway, I line up for the masters 30+ race. I end up 4th row in the grid. Boo. I have a decent start from that position and continue to work my way up. I'm feeling pretty good, able to put down some power, make some good passes and to top it off, I'm having fun! I end up 6th, just out of the money, but happy with how it went.

Next up, Pro/1/2/3 race. At this point my legs are starting to feel like poo. I've been standing around all day. I've already raced and my motivation is kind of low. I kit up, do my old school warm up (which means pretty much nothing) and go to the start grid. Again, I lined up 3rd or 4th row, everyone at this point is just packed together. I have another decent start. I make some passes, then, I get chopped in a couple corners and that's it. I drop 10-15 places, arrrvvvvvv! I need to get better at that soooooo bad. Crusty? Mike? Bueller?

I keep working my way up, theme here, until I'm in a group of 4 that is running just outside the top 10. I'm feeling good again, just sitting in a bit and recovering. Then one of the guys makes a move, two of us follow. No problem right? A half lap later, things start to shut down. My legs start cramping and there is no power left in them. I see the two guys fade into the distance and think of what could have been. Now, I think, just don't let the guy behind me make the catch. I end up enjoying the last 2 laps, flashing waves and other gestures at my fans, I mean fan, I mean the one Title Sponsor that was there supporting (some of the sponsors had to work, you know, so they can sponsor!). I finish 16th, but had a ton of fun and some great training for the coming weeks.

Next up?

USGP Louisville

Perspective, Once Again

No legs this weekend, but perspective from one race definitely made the second a lot more fun.

I wasn't really happy to travel to Badger Prairie for the race Saturday. I'd much rather be traveling with Mike and Ross and the traveling mwi circus.

Nor am I a fan at all of that course. It's all hills or descents.

But as a way of appeasing my spirit that I can still race cross, I'm chasing WCA points.

The course met all expectations. Boring. The only interesting parts were bunny-hopping the railroad planks and railing some higher speed corners. (I don't think I've ever bunny-hopped anything successfully before!)

And before the race, I was amped up, maybe too much. I got a good start sitting third behind Greg and Mark, the two I really wanted to keep up with. But my head started to drag my legs into the hard Dane County earth.

Too much self-expectation and pressure makes my head and legs explode. I did not ride well. I did not keep up with Greg or Mark or anyone else, really.

After the race, Mike told me on the phone that I have to look at the big picture. First, I'm still recovering. Second, I don't have many races in my legs since the crash. Most of these guys raced a full mountain bike and/or road season. I didn't.

Then Crusty told me, again on the phone, that a lot of this season is working toward next season. Getting races in the legs, getting used to the suffering on the bike again.

That night, Myerson twitted about practicing patience and perseverance. Okay, I'm getting the message.

I drove down to Carpentersville Saturday afternoon to avoid more driving. And since I'm not joining the circus on any races, this is my chance to do a road trip. Got a lot of class work done, visited Emmett's Brewery in Dundee for a couple of pale ales and an amazing burger.

The race this morning in Carpentersville, Il was just what the doctor ordered. It was the most fun cross course I've done in a long time (sorry, Mike, our course was hard and challenging, but the climbing was not fun for me!) There were off-cambers, straightaways, an awesome little hill that was a blast to descend, an easy sand pit, and a couple of barriers. There was even a hoop-te-do with six mounds of dirt closely spaced, like a moto-cross obstacle.

It is definitely the kind of race I want to come back next year to win. It was so much fun I did a cool down lap on the course, and seriously considered shotgunning the 30 plus just to race some more!

Once more thanks to Mike and Craig for offering their wisdom. I'm a pretty emotional guy (what a surprise!) and get amped up easily. I'm learning (even at my advanced age) to channel that energy into positive fun.

Even when I'm riding so hard, I can't see straight and puked a lap ago....

Badger Prairie - Further Cross

So yesterdays was... lets see, a grass crit. Wasn't a big fan with it's short hills, followed by jackhammering down hills through mowed prairie fields. Not enough of cross staples for me. Only a small bit of technical stuff with two sets of double barriers that were pretty freakin' close together - enter the tech - barriers - exit the tech - barriers - then grass hiking paths.

I digress. 70 Cat 4 lined up on an awesome fall day. Temps were a little on the warm side and after a lap I decided I was over dressed in my awesome MWI long sleeve skinsuit. I just can't seem to give that thing up for races. Pro.

Oh, noteworthy event in the starting chute. One rider tried to sneak around on the grass after the whistle to go for the hole shot.......except he didn't see the lap counter, cones, and other miscellaneous items that were lying in wait. E for Endo! Heads up while sprinting kids!

The wind started taking it's toll on me on the last lap, just before the second set of barriers - straight headwind on a slight rise. Then onto the gravel road I felt like I was in slow motion. Got passed by 3 fellas, but in turn I passed a few. Nailed what little technical bits were left and drove the bike home for 17th.

Judging by results and the names on said results, I need to work on my starts. There's a handful of names that I know I am more than capable of pwn'ing in any given cross race. But I had to weed my way from 3 rows back. I was somewhat aggressive, but I need to get to the front of the line. Not necessarily the hole shot, but top 10. Do it! Bike driving skills are still on the rise and I'm feeling more confident with every race and every practice during the week. Barriers are a big strength for me, but I'm going to keep hammering then and work on attacking through them.

Kletzsch on schedule for next weekend. Power course with bits of technical and a couple hills, one run up and one ride. Work calls on Sunday so no Cam-Rock for me.

Stoked for next weekend and it's not even Monday yet! ---Cross bug in full effect.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A few of my favorites...

From our CrosstheDomes race. Enjoy.









Monday, October 11, 2010

Grafton Pumpkin Cross and Bagpipes

It was a wide-open race in the 45 plus with Greg Ferguson gone. So I had hopes of bringing home a W. Dave Eckel and another rider took off from the start, but I stayed third or fourth wheel for the next few laps. Different riders took the lead as Dave and another faded.
   The guy who won obviously had some physical issues when he went over the barriers but he was quicker on the bike. But we were neck and neck with some others for most of the race. No one could get a commanding lead.
   Then disaster struck in quick succession. I slid out on a dusty corner and let two guys pass me when I was second. I crawled back to second again, then somehow crashed into a barrier. No idea what happened. But all day I felt like I was driving the bike poorly.
   I finished 6th on the day, a disappointing end to what could have been a nice victory or at least a podium finish.
   But the good side is that each race I'm feeling stronger. We're about to go into the part of the season where I'm racing both days each weekend. I'm going to need to be careful about recovery so I feel strong and fresh going into the race.
   As for the course, I'm not a huge fan. It was a short lap. Not a fan of pavement to grass sharp corners and there were several, especially after a long downhill stretch that I was spun out in my biggest gear.
   The highlight of the day, without question, was dancing to a wild Irish band after most everyone had gone home. Patrick, Jess, and I did the team proud by slamming into each other, dancing wildly, and drinking some beer.
   Cross races need more bagpipe!


As we were loading up to head to 3 days of racing in Ohio, Crusty sent word that he had injured his mangina and would be unable to attend. Another year and another mangina flare up - I think he should see a specialist.

It has been unseasonably warm in the Midwest and Ohio was no different. Friday would prove to be a dramatic change from last years day one mud fest. 85+ degrees in a dust bowl.

Back Half of Day One. The less hilly side...

Front half - hilly side...
Day one, what can I say it was hilly, hot, and hard! I started well but the exceeding long pavement start followed by the long back and forth through the dustbowl proved to be a bit too much and I started to pay the price. Laps 2 and 3 were.... well I kind of mentally imploded per usual. But I managed to regain a bit of composure and pick a few guys off during laps 4 and 5. Not my favorite day, but better than the 1.6K hamster course back here in Wisconsin... The big news on the day - maybe the only time I beat Ross this season, unless he continues to crash and break stuff.

Day Two, I like the second day course of the Ohio UCI3 races much better. (Katie Compton calls it her favorite course of the year!) Good flow and nice technical sections. But guys for serious I am sending you some rakes next year. I had another decent start...

Must be the first lap, I am in front of Ross...

But then those pesky laps 2 and 3. If I could find a way to skip those laps I might be pretty damn fast! Hey coach are you reading - hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink... Had a ton of fun on Saturday driving my bike, but couldn't hold the pace up the start climb and after the second sand run each lap and lost ground. Laps 4 and 5 I was sitting last wheel in a little group, the guy in front would not let me pass, but kept letting the wheel in front of him slip. One bike length, 2 bike lengths, 4 bike lengths... in just a few hundred meters. I yelled "at least hold the wheel if you aren't going to let me pass!" (it may have been worded a bit less nice than that, but I can't remember...) He couldn't and the gap grew until I forced my way around but it was too late.

Chasing solo.

To make matters worse, I apparently was given a different number for day 2 (despite all signage stating to keep your number for all three days, signing in on day two and not being given said new numbers) and since I signed in but was wearing my original number was listed as "AB" - abandoned - WTF. I find all of this out on Sunday after trying to sign in for the last day of racing. I am told they are going to "look" into it but mid pack is mid pack either way.

Ahhh Day C. Fast, hot, and fun! Let's see how did those first 2 days go - good start, bad laps 2 and 3, come back on a bit for 4 and 5. Yep day 3 would be more of the same, however those middle laps weren't quite as bad, not good just not catastrophic. Going into lap 3 up the long thick grass finish hill a group passed me and I couldn't do a thing about it (coach are you still reading?) that was it, top 20 riding away...

Funny story... here
This was right after he passed me at the top 180 turn before bombing down this descent. I yelled "NICE pass Marc" and well he heard different. So glad I went over to say hi after the race. It really was a sweet move, so jealous!

Sunday was fun!

So Ohio UCI3 - will I go back? Probably! I really hope this race weekend continues to grow, despite it's hiccups (all races have them) it has been a fantastic weekend of racing the last two years, even if the "Travelling Circus" was a few members short this year.

If you want to see some top notch photos of the Elite races head over to our "Traveling Circus" Team member Lyne's awesome website! Not only amazing photos but interviews as well. And be on the lookout for some cool stuff coming from Lyne in the not to distant future...

Parting shot. Take a close look at those socks on their way to a 5th place at Sundays C1 race!

Brian is a great guy and we try to help him out whenever we can. He won our race a week ago and got some socks. He raced in them Friday and Sunday - thanks for the love Brian. Be sure to check out his account of Friday night/Saturday morning...

Thanks to my Numero Uno Sponsor for the pics!

Crusty will you shut the hell up about a recap now?!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well, since I have not been racing lately - that's what 2 months on a construction site in Memphis will do to you - the least I could do is offer a product review of the latest MWI branded product - the De-Feet Aireator MWI Socks. Some of your are already aware of the De-Feet brand of socks, but please stick with me for a few minutes.

I received my order of MWI De-Feet socks in the mail Friday, and being pretty particular about those things, promptly tossed them in the wash - I had clothes from my trip in my suitcase; please don't think I was wasting water on a whole load for three pairs of socks.

I mainly look for two things in socks. First, the fit, and second the comfort and position of the toe seam.

As far as the fit goes, I have size 8 1/2 to 9 feet, so I am at the extreme upper end of S/M socks, and the extreme low end of L/XL socks, so my feet look for the proverbial "Goldilocks" socks - not too big, not too small, but just right. The De-Feet fit my feet pretty well - my toes were in the toe and my heel was in the heel, which wasn't pulled up on my ankle. The toe seam is thin -thick ones can irritate and cause blisters - and seems to stay put, pretty much where you had it when you put your socks on, not mashed up at the tips of my toes, or pulled up on top of my foot, just what a toe seam should do.

Of all my socks, I probably have the most from the Sock Guy, and they are nice, but the toe seam needs occasional repositioning, unlike my first two rides (22, and 17 miles) with the De-Feets, which I put on and forgot about them, The MWI De-Feet socks are just a bit thinner than Sock Guy socks, and maybe not quite as stretchy. I think that the thin-ness will be a benefit for the colder wet days, when I like to wear a second pair of waterproof over socks, inside the shoe.

Overall, I give the De-Feet Aireators two big toes up. Go out and get you a pair and try them for yourselves.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boss Cross #1

The Southern Chapter of mwi dawned the colors on Saturday in the lovely setting of Riverside, MO. Always a nice setting for CX action JJ & myself lined behind the big boys. The 3's actually went 60 minutes following a 30sec gap from the 1/2/3's which also did 60 min. I must say going around for 9 or 10 laps is an awful long time. Adding some money to the bank for races later on in the season.

The course screamed pure Missouri technical. Twisty, tight turns, off cambers, you name it we had it. The other benefit is that this crowd can actually drive their bikes rather well. Although some like to the body block(I was a recipient) in a nasty 180 uphill corner. Well let me take that back, as the race wore on skillz starting slipping for some. A mistake here, a mistake there and bang lose a spot.

As for myself I played the conservative game, pace thy self. The interesting thing about 60min is that the first few laps are free. What seemed like an entire race for me, especially just coming back from a UCI C1, was just beginning. When they posted the laps to go I saw SEVEN! Holy shittee! Never had I thought I would actually use a gel during a CX race but I did! For about 3-4 laps four of us were jockeying for what position I did not know. Pure joy and entertainment I gotta say. After a couple of bobbles and one serious rubbed tire the competition was eliminating itself without me having to body block or anything. Thanks guys.

In the end JJ got 2nd with me coming in for 8th. Good day for SCmwi.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Manion's CX & Dirt Crit/Short Track a Wrap

This past Sunday was one of the hardest CX races I done at the Manion's Cross event in KC. The course was on the side of a pretty long hill and the creators used tons of switchbacks to scrub off speed/recovery on the downhill portion and likewise the climb back up; throw in soft spongy (but not muddy) ground from rain a couple days before and it made for a slow loop.

Wanting to get the most bang (translated to suffering) for my drive up I raced the Masters 40+ and the Cat 2/3 events. Crazy solid field in the 'old man's' race and I rode good to finish 7th and with my butt still dragging managed to finish 8th in the 2/3 field. The last race it was sheer pain every time I had to haul my large carcase up that hill. Mike G had a solid showing for 4th in the Masters field and every time I thought I was gaining on him he would up the pace and open a larger gap; good to see him in the Jackalope Pink and Green(ish). All in all good racing and even better endurance training for upcoming events.

Tuesday ended the seven race A&B Cycles short track mtb races and like most weeks I finished 3rd, which put me 3rd overall for the series. Rewarded with a sweet Dry Sac Short Track (no comments on the name please) hoody and tons of sharpening the bike driving skills. Already looking forward to this next year.

This weekend is race #1 and #2 of the Boss Cross series (KC's oldest) and for some crazy reason the promoters decided to have the Cat 3 field race for 1hr; that put a stop to doubling up with the masters (at least for Saturday). Hanging with Crusty for the two days - always a good time. Picture of new leader's jerseys for each category - nice!