Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Edging closer...

We quitely slipped past the one month to go mark. 27 days to the first race for some of the Wisco riders - Sept 20th Jackson Park, IL. The my wife inc Special Edition kits are in and you will just have to wait until the Sunday race in Madison to check them out. The "official" bike of my wife inc are on the way. CX Christmas is coming, a little bit late this year, but still in plenty of time for the season kick off.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Iowa CX Series

*CROSS SERIES. Yes, there is a 2009 CENTRAL IOWA CROSS SERIES. 8 races. 6 in the metro. 2 within 40 minutes of the metro. There will be overall prizes, leaders jerseys, great competition, consistent classes and more fun than you can shake a stick at. I promise. We have an unreal group of promoters with a common bond. That is to GROW the sport…….If you add the STATE cross race (not part of the series), you will have NINE (!!!) cross races in and around the metro. How rad is that???

*CROSS WEBSITE. You got it. Next week Mr. Scott Sumpter (of BIKEIOWA.com fame) will unveil a cross website. Blog updates. Race calendar. Race flyers. Results. Series information. Series results. Renegade info. Anything you could ever want or need on an awesome one-stop-shop.

Friday, August 21, 2009

crusty CX Calendar

September 19- Swope Park CX, Herman Under the Lights leaning towards HUL!

September 26/27- USGP Planet Bike Cup CX Sun Prarie WI

October 8-11 –UCI 3 Ohio??? the man might force me to sit this one out! The man sucks!

October 11- Chris CX

October 17- Capital CX

October 18-Boulevard CX

October 24/25- USGP Derby Cup CX, LouVull KY

October 31- Boss Cross #1

November 1- Sunflower CX

November 7- GP HPT CX

November 8- Veterans CX

November 15 DeStad Cross Cup

November 21 Boss Cross #2

November 27/29- Jingle Cross Rock CX, Iowa City IA

December 6- Boss Cross #4

Bodunklivar Schedule

The below is what I am looking at for 2009. Kiddo's activities are keeping me from the USGPs and possibly Jingle Cross.

Sept 13th - Bearcat 'Cross @ Hermann, MO
Sept 19th - Hermann Under the Lights @ Hermann, MO
Sept 27th - Diamond Blackfan 'Cross @ KC Area
Oct 11th - Chris Cross @ KC Area
Oct 17th - Capital Cup @ Topeka, KS
Oct 17th - Bubba Cross (At Night) @ STL
Oct 18th - Blvd Cup @ KC Area
Oct 18th - Bubba Cross @ STL
Oct 25th - Smithville 'Cross Festival @ KC Area
Oct 31st - Boss Cross #1 @ KC Area
Nov 1st - Sunflower Cross @ Lawrence, KS or KC Area
Nov 7th - Grand Prix Cross @ Topeka, KS
Nov 8th - Veteran's Cross @ KC Area
Nov 8th - Bubba Cross @ STL
Nov 15th - De Stad Cup @ Leavenworth, KS
Nov 21st - Boss Cross #2 @ KC Area
Nov 29th - Boss Cross #3 @ KC Area
Dec 6th - MO State Cross Championship

A couple other races lasting into 2010, but not on calendar. KC is a couple hour drive and STL is 3 1/2hr so I tend to stick to the west side of the state (better racing also). I plan to race primarily Cat III and a handful of Masters (that's right Crusty, there is someone older than you...).

Looking forward to packing away the kits to the right and busting out the pink, orange, and green this year!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Race Schedule

Here is our schedule of cross races this fall. KCers and Coloradans, please add your races.

2009 Cyclocross Races

Sept. 20 Jackson Park (Chicago Cup) (xXx Racing)
Sept. 26 Sat USGP-Planet Bike Cup #1 Madison/Sun Prairie, WI
Sept. 27 Sun USGP Planet Bike Cup #2 Madison/Sun Prairie, WI
Oct. 4 Sun Lapham Peak S.P. Delafield
Oct. 9-11 Fri-Sun. Cincinnati Races
Oct. 10 Sat Grafton Fall Festival CX, Downtown Grafton
Oct. 17 Sat Badger Prairie Park Verona (HTFU/CVC)
Oct. 18 Sun Cam Rock County Park, Rockdale (Brazen D/Os)
Oct. 24, 25 USGP-Derby Cup, Louisville, KY
Oct. 24 Sat Gibbs Lake Park Fulton (Janesville Velo)
Oct. 25 Sun Tripp Lake Park (UW Whitewater)
Oct. 31 Sat Washington Park Halloween CX, Milwaukee
Nov. 1 St. Charles/Campton Chicago (Chicago Cup)
Nov. 8 Sun Estabrook Park Milwaukee (Hampshire) Flyer
Nov. 14 Sat Kletsch Park "Regional" CX Champs - Milwaukee (Team Polska)
Nov. 22 Sun State Wisconsin CX Champs Hales Corners (Hampshire)
Nov. 27-29 Jingle Cross, Iowa City
Dec. 6 Montrose Harbor – Illinois State CX Championship (Chicago Cup) (Turin)
Dec. 10-13 U.S. National Championships, Bend, OR

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cabin Time!

So today was one of those days you want to ride all day. Sunny, 70s, nothing on the schedule but riding and a nap. I felt good, sharp, mostly rested.

But fearless coach Crusty, he of many excuses already, is trying to keep me on track for at least a little affirmation during the cross season. So I did my workout, rode home, and looked at the map of the roads I used to ride for hours hp here.

After the accident, finishing will be goal #1 at the first cross races.

But for now, it's all about the spirit of cross, having more fun than legally allowed on two wheels. Season starts in how many days, Mike?

By the way, when I rode this morning, it felt chilly, like fall was coming. All I could think: cross is coming, cross is coming...

Monday, August 17, 2009

crusty being, well crusty

I would like to thank you for trying to throw me under the bus in such a short amount of time. The blog invitation received today and already trying to pull the knife from my back. Thank goodness I have long arms to reach the knife and redirect toward your arse.

I'm just hoping you don't live up to your nickname 'half-lap' during the seven battles of CX supremacy.
Thank you for the challenge. Guns drawn, now may we take a few paces and turn...3o something days?

Since I seem to be such a lovely target, I will step up and make sure that my Misery Elder from Bodunklivar is taken care of in the geriatric CX class. I will have Aleve and Applesauce waiting for you at the finish. That is if you don't wonder off course somewhere along our travels. Do you have a Road ID so they call your family to come and get you? Or did they chip you?

Poking Crusty...

So last year Crusty and I had a friendly little race series going between us, it didn't go too well for him. This year was going to be full on, that is until Crusty started with the excuses. Now he is backing out of 3 of the races - work obligations, I think he is a little worried about another year of getting skunked. So we will meet at the USGP of Madison, USGP of Kentucky, and Jingle Cross for a total of 7 races. , Although I would like to sweep him again, I am hoping for a close series this year that will come down to the last day at Jingle Cross. I would feel bad if he has another year like last year.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

my wife inc team blog...

This blog will be your source for team updates, nonsense, team trash talking, race reports, and the occasional rant. Feel free to leave your own comments, opinions, and rants for the team.

It's going to be a great season!!