Friday, October 1, 2010

Manion's CX & Dirt Crit/Short Track a Wrap

This past Sunday was one of the hardest CX races I done at the Manion's Cross event in KC. The course was on the side of a pretty long hill and the creators used tons of switchbacks to scrub off speed/recovery on the downhill portion and likewise the climb back up; throw in soft spongy (but not muddy) ground from rain a couple days before and it made for a slow loop.

Wanting to get the most bang (translated to suffering) for my drive up I raced the Masters 40+ and the Cat 2/3 events. Crazy solid field in the 'old man's' race and I rode good to finish 7th and with my butt still dragging managed to finish 8th in the 2/3 field. The last race it was sheer pain every time I had to haul my large carcase up that hill. Mike G had a solid showing for 4th in the Masters field and every time I thought I was gaining on him he would up the pace and open a larger gap; good to see him in the Jackalope Pink and Green(ish). All in all good racing and even better endurance training for upcoming events.

Tuesday ended the seven race A&B Cycles short track mtb races and like most weeks I finished 3rd, which put me 3rd overall for the series. Rewarded with a sweet Dry Sac Short Track (no comments on the name please) hoody and tons of sharpening the bike driving skills. Already looking forward to this next year.

This weekend is race #1 and #2 of the Boss Cross series (KC's oldest) and for some crazy reason the promoters decided to have the Cat 3 field race for 1hr; that put a stop to doubling up with the masters (at least for Saturday). Hanging with Crusty for the two days - always a good time. Picture of new leader's jerseys for each category - nice!

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