Monday, October 11, 2010


As we were loading up to head to 3 days of racing in Ohio, Crusty sent word that he had injured his mangina and would be unable to attend. Another year and another mangina flare up - I think he should see a specialist.

It has been unseasonably warm in the Midwest and Ohio was no different. Friday would prove to be a dramatic change from last years day one mud fest. 85+ degrees in a dust bowl.

Back Half of Day One. The less hilly side...

Front half - hilly side...
Day one, what can I say it was hilly, hot, and hard! I started well but the exceeding long pavement start followed by the long back and forth through the dustbowl proved to be a bit too much and I started to pay the price. Laps 2 and 3 were.... well I kind of mentally imploded per usual. But I managed to regain a bit of composure and pick a few guys off during laps 4 and 5. Not my favorite day, but better than the 1.6K hamster course back here in Wisconsin... The big news on the day - maybe the only time I beat Ross this season, unless he continues to crash and break stuff.

Day Two, I like the second day course of the Ohio UCI3 races much better. (Katie Compton calls it her favorite course of the year!) Good flow and nice technical sections. But guys for serious I am sending you some rakes next year. I had another decent start...

Must be the first lap, I am in front of Ross...

But then those pesky laps 2 and 3. If I could find a way to skip those laps I might be pretty damn fast! Hey coach are you reading - hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink... Had a ton of fun on Saturday driving my bike, but couldn't hold the pace up the start climb and after the second sand run each lap and lost ground. Laps 4 and 5 I was sitting last wheel in a little group, the guy in front would not let me pass, but kept letting the wheel in front of him slip. One bike length, 2 bike lengths, 4 bike lengths... in just a few hundred meters. I yelled "at least hold the wheel if you aren't going to let me pass!" (it may have been worded a bit less nice than that, but I can't remember...) He couldn't and the gap grew until I forced my way around but it was too late.

Chasing solo.

To make matters worse, I apparently was given a different number for day 2 (despite all signage stating to keep your number for all three days, signing in on day two and not being given said new numbers) and since I signed in but was wearing my original number was listed as "AB" - abandoned - WTF. I find all of this out on Sunday after trying to sign in for the last day of racing. I am told they are going to "look" into it but mid pack is mid pack either way.

Ahhh Day C. Fast, hot, and fun! Let's see how did those first 2 days go - good start, bad laps 2 and 3, come back on a bit for 4 and 5. Yep day 3 would be more of the same, however those middle laps weren't quite as bad, not good just not catastrophic. Going into lap 3 up the long thick grass finish hill a group passed me and I couldn't do a thing about it (coach are you still reading?) that was it, top 20 riding away...

Funny story... here
This was right after he passed me at the top 180 turn before bombing down this descent. I yelled "NICE pass Marc" and well he heard different. So glad I went over to say hi after the race. It really was a sweet move, so jealous!

Sunday was fun!

So Ohio UCI3 - will I go back? Probably! I really hope this race weekend continues to grow, despite it's hiccups (all races have them) it has been a fantastic weekend of racing the last two years, even if the "Travelling Circus" was a few members short this year.

If you want to see some top notch photos of the Elite races head over to our "Traveling Circus" Team member Lyne's awesome website! Not only amazing photos but interviews as well. And be on the lookout for some cool stuff coming from Lyne in the not to distant future...

Parting shot. Take a close look at those socks on their way to a 5th place at Sundays C1 race!

Brian is a great guy and we try to help him out whenever we can. He won our race a week ago and got some socks. He raced in them Friday and Sunday - thanks for the love Brian. Be sure to check out his account of Friday night/Saturday morning...

Thanks to my Numero Uno Sponsor for the pics!

Crusty will you shut the hell up about a recap now?!

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