Monday, October 11, 2010

Grafton Pumpkin Cross and Bagpipes

It was a wide-open race in the 45 plus with Greg Ferguson gone. So I had hopes of bringing home a W. Dave Eckel and another rider took off from the start, but I stayed third or fourth wheel for the next few laps. Different riders took the lead as Dave and another faded.
   The guy who won obviously had some physical issues when he went over the barriers but he was quicker on the bike. But we were neck and neck with some others for most of the race. No one could get a commanding lead.
   Then disaster struck in quick succession. I slid out on a dusty corner and let two guys pass me when I was second. I crawled back to second again, then somehow crashed into a barrier. No idea what happened. But all day I felt like I was driving the bike poorly.
   I finished 6th on the day, a disappointing end to what could have been a nice victory or at least a podium finish.
   But the good side is that each race I'm feeling stronger. We're about to go into the part of the season where I'm racing both days each weekend. I'm going to need to be careful about recovery so I feel strong and fresh going into the race.
   As for the course, I'm not a huge fan. It was a short lap. Not a fan of pavement to grass sharp corners and there were several, especially after a long downhill stretch that I was spun out in my biggest gear.
   The highlight of the day, without question, was dancing to a wild Irish band after most everyone had gone home. Patrick, Jess, and I did the team proud by slamming into each other, dancing wildly, and drinking some beer.
   Cross races need more bagpipe!

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