Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boss Cross #1

The Southern Chapter of mwi dawned the colors on Saturday in the lovely setting of Riverside, MO. Always a nice setting for CX action JJ & myself lined behind the big boys. The 3's actually went 60 minutes following a 30sec gap from the 1/2/3's which also did 60 min. I must say going around for 9 or 10 laps is an awful long time. Adding some money to the bank for races later on in the season.

The course screamed pure Missouri technical. Twisty, tight turns, off cambers, you name it we had it. The other benefit is that this crowd can actually drive their bikes rather well. Although some like to the body block(I was a recipient) in a nasty 180 uphill corner. Well let me take that back, as the race wore on skillz starting slipping for some. A mistake here, a mistake there and bang lose a spot.

As for myself I played the conservative game, pace thy self. The interesting thing about 60min is that the first few laps are free. What seemed like an entire race for me, especially just coming back from a UCI C1, was just beginning. When they posted the laps to go I saw SEVEN! Holy shittee! Never had I thought I would actually use a gel during a CX race but I did! For about 3-4 laps four of us were jockeying for what position I did not know. Pure joy and entertainment I gotta say. After a couple of bobbles and one serious rubbed tire the competition was eliminating itself without me having to body block or anything. Thanks guys.

In the end JJ got 2nd with me coming in for 8th. Good day for SCmwi.

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