Thursday, September 30, 2010

USGP #1 mwi Representing In Many Ways

mwi Compound

Chucker rockin into the downhill

Herman leading Dr. Roadrash

Chucker showing perfect form for portage

crusty, well showing up Chucker in proper form

Off we go!

Herman pushing the Blue through the corner

crusty showing some fella's a faster line(Lord knows these guys need HELP)

Roscoe P Fasttrain well being Roscoe P Fasttrain

Dr. Roadrash keeping the rubber side down! At least during the race.

Check out the first few seconds of the intro. That's the mwi crew on the front row. Representing Herman, Roscoe P Fasttrain, Dr Roadrash. Missing the bunch are Chucker and crusty.

We were graced with Molly Cameron, Tim Van Nuffel, Francis Mourey presence at the mwi compound. That made for a busy weekend for the whole crew. Pitting for Molly, TVN, Steve Fisher, and Brian Matter added to the excitement of the weekend.

Oh yea, check out Colt's t-shirt. That's how we roll.
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