Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SW Missouri Short Track #4 and #5

Last week we started getting a reprieve from the brutal heat and humidity which made for fun cool weather for racing. Almost has a 'crossy feel to the air (almost).

The race promoters switched up the course last week and went with a super short loop focused primarily on tight single track with the only open pedal mashing section coming at the end of each for about 300meters. I knew right away I was in trouble as 'mad skills - Crusty style' is not my strength (heck, it's so bad it's below weakness). Never the less I was racing with pretty good fitness and wasn't bouncing off too many trees in the woods and managed to come away with 3rd place (the front two were no where in sight) taking advantage hammering the open section to make time on others behind.

Last night (event #5) the promoters kept the same loop (oh crap) as apparently others really like it. The turnout was pretty low, but the quality was primo with the addition of local stud and Jelly Belly sprinter Brad Huff to the mix (he is no joke on knobbies). I took my Blue down and took a warm up lap on her to see if it was an option and sure enough I made it thru pretty smooth and quick, but decided to hold off as some lite rain was making some rocks and area slick and it wasn't worth dumping my girl for this. Back to the 30lbs Fuel...

Race was fast and furious and at the end of the night I held on for 4th while Huff took the win and nearly lapped me. So far a 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, and a 4th and I think that has me in either 2nd or 3rd overall (some of the leaders missed a couple races). Three more to go for this fun series.

I am definitely not a mtb'er, but am having a blast at this series and can drastically tell my bike driving abilities are increasing. Last night I followed my training partner Ira (who is silky smooth in single track) on lap two following his lines which helped understand flow and the rest of the race I increased pace thru the tight stuff - made it a lot more fun than work.

Week and a half before my 'cross kickoff in Hermann, MO and I can't wait.

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