Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hermann Under the Lights Race Report

The call up was grueling. USAC official is the chute nazi:
'Go to the back of the field, you missed your call up"
"Don't overlap his tire, I said DON'T OVERLAP HIS TIRE, You know your holding up this whole race?"
"I'm going to penalize you."

After much drama the emergency evacution siren goes off. JJ's front row argy-bargy call up goes well. Mine well I've been practicing ways to miss my pedal at the starts. Another successful endeavor. I'm not a quitter!
Pinched going from pavement to grass transition. Pass a couple through the twistys on the backside of the ball fields. Nice downhill off-camber 180 to chop block a couple more. Move into top 15. More carnage at the FLAT straightaway one barrier. JB takes a dirt nap. Over the barrier make a spot or two move. I'm good at the whole barrier jump over, jump back on bike thingy. Ride like a demon towards the 32 step run up to hear a half arse rock band playing some crap music. Down the paved hill grass transition 180 left hand off camber downhill to 180 right hand off camber downhill totally smoking it now. A soft chicane to uphill road transition then back into the grass then...

Editors Cut

I hit my IT so deep that my left quad wouldn't pedal anymore. So I just practiced my mad bunny hop skillz to remedy myself for all my adoring fans.
I would like to thank Cale for the best comment of the night: "Ohh your the one everyone is talking about that ate shiittee in the sandpit. All that dirt on your kit gave it away. Heard it was awesome!"

It was awesome!

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