Friday, August 27, 2010

mwi Merchandise You Must Have

mwi Must Have Items

Hello my wife inc fans who love us,
It's that time again! We will be ordering t-shirts and hoodies! Mike(Herman) has done another amazing job with a design! This year, to simplify things, we are only going to have one color shirt as well as one color hoodie. There is a tshirt design for the men and one for the ladies. The hoodies are unisex and will all have the same design. Clear as mud?

Please let me know what size of each item you would like. I know this is crazy talk but the sooner we get the order in, the sooner we can get the shirts! We would love to have them in time for the start of the season.

The tshirts will be $20 and the hoodies will be $40.
thsirt design- hopefully you can guess which one is for the men and which one is for the ladies......if not, just ask the ladies, they will know! the color is grass and we will be getting both men's and women's sizes. The logo will be white

Hoodie design. color is black with pink thermal lining. the logo will be mwi green.

Thanks and happy shopping!!!!
Also, as a side note, last year, we had a lot of requests from non-team folk for tshirts to purchase. Due to the small size of our team and no budget, we could never really order extra shirts to sell. So if you would like one please make sure to get your order in soon.
Please leave contact info in the comment box.

Jessica Heenan
Merch Supervisor and Title Sponsor

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