Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Two days of racing with the 360 Cup and the Boulevard Cup at Stump park in Shawnee made for a nice fall weekend full of cyclocross and free beer!

I started the weekend Saturday with the Master's 40+ race at the 360 Cup. The course was fairly technical with a long sustained climb every lap - actually the climb was my favorite part of the course, and I passed people every time up.

There were some really FAST old guys racing with me, and I wound up getting lapped on the 3rd of 7 laps, only to crash out hard on the 4th lap on a steep down hill left hander turn right after the big climb - the handlebar shaped bruise is almost gone, though.

Before I crashed out, I was rockin' the eye burning stars version of the MWI kits (my personal favorite), and after a few races on my team edition Corsa 2.3T's, I couldn't be happier with them - they're light, stiff, awesome looking, and they make me feel fast, which is almost as important as being fast, or at least that's what I tell myself.

Saturday, I had full intention of doubling up and racing SS, but not wanting to repeat that nasty little crash incident, I decided to have a cold one and regroup for Sunday's Boulevard Cup single speed race. Sunday's course was wide, flat and fast, with most of the technical difficulties coming along a berm on the west side of the park which was up and down punchy little climbs about 10 times including a run-up, which left many racers cursing. There was a cool - and ridable - sand pit, which I made it across very nicely, only once putting a foot down due another rider cutting into my line. I had a good day, battling back and forth with a couple of guys, and sprinting hard for the line but just missing the guy in front of me by about half a bike length. Even though it was for 13th, it felt great to have a little left and sprint like that at the end of a 45 min race.

As you can see, the trusty old Blue with the Single Speed Corsa 1.2ACR's did great in the sand, although the flat course had me spinning out the 38x19 gearing.

Finally, thanks for Jon Peck for the pictures and for a little push to keep be from falling over in the sand.

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