Thursday, November 3, 2011


I raced the Singlespeed race at Boss Cross #3 last Saturday - in between JJ's double-up - and had a lot of fun for my first time on a BMX track.

Like JJ said, most of the technical challenges on the course were concentrated around the BMX track area - a gravel section, a double log crossing with a gravel hairpin turn in the middle of the two logs, the BMX track, a loose dirt section, a sharp but rideable uphill, and final gravel section - all within about a quarter mile on the course. The rest of the course was pretty plain - lots of open but very bumpy grass riding, and one standard set of double barriers.

I had a fairly good start and settled in around 9th with a couple of other SS'ers right close to me. I stayed close for most of the race, passing them both as the race went along, finishing in 8th place, didn't get lapped, and scoring my first SS Boss Cross series points.

I did see a couple of injuries on course Sunday - one guy hurt his ankle during warm-ups, and one guy crashed pretty hard on his head on the BMX track during the SS race. It really reminded me to be careful on course and take it slow on the features I'm not comfortable with - at 41 years old, I'm not bulletproof like I was when I was 21.

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