Saturday, December 31, 2011

CCC-New Year's Resolution: Day One

Day one started without:
- proper caffeination
- proper breakfast
And day one started at 5:20 a.m.!

I chose not to wear leg warmers, which turned out to be a mistake because by the third lap, I could feel the energy escaping from my legs.

First two laps went very well. I started sixth row, moved up into top 15 or higher. Lots of long open stretches made for a hard day, kind of like doing vo2 intervals!

Not sure of my finish today, but I slowed down a little when I got cold and was passed by three guys who I had passed earlier. Top 20, I'd guess, in a strong field.

Course was very open, lots of grass, some good mud sections, and a lot of sand traps that had sketchy lips when you exited. This is a course that will change throughout the day. For example, I could ride up the dirt hill until the last lap when it was getting too greasy. Ross, who is about to race, will be running up the hill!

This was a good warm up for tomorrow!! Just need to make sure I find some coffee!

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