Thursday, July 14, 2011

StupidWeek Race Report-Cudahy

I started the first of a few StupidWeek races today in Cudahy. It was a flat, pretty nice course by the lake. As with most StupidWeek races this year, there weren't many of us today, maybe 20-25 guys.

The racing in the masters 4/5 was pretty boring. In the first two laps, we just rolled around, so I got impatient and attacked. After a lap solo, when I realized no one was coming with me, I sat up and got back into the group. With 10 to go, I was really getting antsy and took off again. I was also solo again. The pack let me go but were letting me dangle a bit so with 5 to go, I sat up and tried to recover before the sprint.

I thought one guy was the sprinter so I sat in behind him. But by turn 3, when I was sitting 10 wheels back, I realized he was not going to sprint! So I gassed it and ended up 8th.

I am going to race boring tomorrow, follow any groups that go off the front, and wait for the sprint.

The best part of the race today is that I got PAID! First race check in four years!!

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