Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stupidweek Day 3, 4 - Whitnall Park RR, Crit

Four races, four paydays! Well, yes, the fields have been small - we had 12 old dude racers today!

The positives are this: One, I am again starting to be able to climb hills. Both days had a short climb that hurt the legs after so many repetitions, and I never struggled except for the sprint.

Two, I've now done four races in six days. I'm tired now, but felt good during the race. I made a couple of efforts off the front today, and closed down a couple of break attempts. I did quite a bit of work today.  So I am perhaps getting some recovery finally. Two efforts in races a month ago wiped me out. Now, I'm okay.

Progress. Cross season is getting close.

The part I need to keep working on is the closing sprint speed. I haven't done any minute-long interval sessions yet that will bring me to that kind of fitness. That speed will come.

Two races left to go in Stupidweek: Kenosha and Bay View, both completely flat. I'll try to get into a better position in the last lap and try to get the W. Kenosha is always a good time. I'm not sure about the Bay View course, though. There is one very sketchy corner and some construction at one of the corners.

But the racing's been fun in that challenging, what kind of legs do you have kind of way. Whitnall Park RR was very high on the WFQ points. Even today, a cit I've done a lot before, was pretty fun.

Two more races, and we'll shut down the road racing and start preparing for cross. And that is, after all, what matters...

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