Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finally. On An Off Day Too

   For as much as I love the Planet Bike USGP in Sun Prairie, I've never done well there.
   It's early season, it's usually warm and dusty and kicks up the asthma, it's the first race "away from home" weekend. I don't have much race fitness since I don't do much road racing in the summer.
   This year on Saturday was no exception. I came in hurting from a crash and working through a cold.
   The course was pure JP Ericsson: twisty, turny, lots of off-cambers. Huge Fun.
   "You've outdone yourself," I told him.
   "Paul, you say that every year," he said.
   "It's true every year."
   It truly was his best edition. And Sunday's course was even better. I only wish his calls to the weather gods had been heeded and we had some rain to soften the course.
   So Saturday's finish was in the usual 30s, feeling badly.
   But Sunday was funny. I felt even worse. I seriously was hoping for a quick flat tire or seriously considering not even starting. But once the race started, I felt fairly strong and finished in my first top 30 at 27th. Not sure what happened, but the irony was delicious.
   I wish this stop of the USGP was in November when I was feeling strong. Maybe I need to fly out to Bend for the USGP there....

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