Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Learn to Race Cyclocross Clinic in Milwaukee!

  So you've seen the adventure of cyclocross.
  Or you heard about the sport where people on bikes run through parks, run up hill, ride through sand, mud, grass, dirt, and always have a huge amount of fun.
  Cross is truly an adventure sport that requires full body fitness and a strong core. It's a different kind of challenge course. This time on bikes.
   You don't have to have a cyclocross bike. A mountain bike or hybrid with some knobbies on the tires will do just fine. Some juniors ride their BMX bikes. You want to be able to have some traction on the grass. Buy a nicer bike when you try your first race and get hooked.
   Because you will get hooked. It's that much fun.
   Here are the particulars of the clinic.
   - It starts Sept. 11 at 5:30-6:30 at the Mitchell Park Domes. The other dates are Sept. 18, 25, and Oct. 2.
   - We're prepping for the Cross the Domes cross race Oct. 6 put on by our team.
   - Each clinic will cost $10 or you can pay for the whole session for $30.
   - Each clinic will focus on a different cyclocross skill.
     Sept. 11: dismount, remount, barriers
     Sept. 18: cornering, bike handling.
     Sept. 25: starts and strategy
     Oct. 2: race preparation
   - You can register on site or at BikeReg
   - If you have questions, send us a note or make a comment on the Facebook page.

Can't wait to see you all there!

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