Friday, May 27, 2011

ICC MTB Race - Could Do Without the BUG

This past weekend was the Indian Camp Creek 3/6hr mtb race in STL and for some time a training buddy (Ira) had been on me to team up for a race so that's what we did.

Training/racing leading up to the race was going really well until on Thursday morning I woke with a BUG; flu was going around and it landed straight in my body (and pretty much was purging everything quickly). I was hoping it would pass, but come Saturday it was still hanging on and my partner still wanted to race... I was drained and still hurting, but what the heck.

I have raced my Rig SS so far this year and even though the course was a hammer-fest I decided to keep it single and simply try to survive. The field in the team event was stacked with the best of the best duo'ing it; not a good day to be sick.

Race starts with Ira taking the first lap and he has us in a decent position. I bury myself with what energy I could find and keep us steady as I pass it back off. Immediately I know something is wrong and start hurling everywhere. The race promoter made sure I was OK as I was quickly trying to replenish what I just lost. Ira comes through and I take my turn, but it's game OFF as I have nothing in my legs. We kept it going (Ira 4 laps and I 3) until they called the event at 5:30hrs due to lightening (thank goodness). Rough day as we finished 6th of 7 teams. Wouldn't have even thought about racing it if I was going solo, but when you're a team its step up time.

Got a couple weeks to regroup in hopes to ride well at the Missouri State MTB Champs in KC (hoping to see Sir Crust-A-Lot).

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