Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blue Norcross

These are incredible bikes! I've ridden several different cross bikes, and the Norcross is by far the most responsive and dependable. I bought two this year and felt completely PRO by having such thoroughbred cross RACING bikes. I love them.

I felt like I could rail corners without any flex. In the short, twisty sections of a course, I could quickly turn the bike; it went where I wanted it to go. It's stiff i the bottom bracket and chain stays so jumping out of corners created instant power, a welcome change from aluminum bikes.

The standard sizes fit me well. I outfitted it with TRP brakes and SRAM Force. The large bike allows me to sit comfortably over the handlebars so I can ride a long time without feeling any ill effects. It's incredibly light and stiff!

My only two "complaints" and that's like saying I don't like the mirrors on a eight-cylinder Mustang, are the small ledge behind the bottom bracket. It tended to collect a bit of mud, not a lot, but enough to add some weight and some rubbing against the tire.

Also since this is a true cross racing bike, I'm not sure of the value of the water bottle cage screws. It would be awesome to streamline the tubes by removing them. Again, though, not a big deal.

I'm thrilled to be riding these bikes. If I only I could ride as fast as these bikes would let me!

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